Offer of Air Balancer (type: AB60) for Ukraine

Keyword:Air Balancer   Time:2020-11-20 9:31:30

Customer: We are interested Air balancers AB60 and AB70. Inform please minimum party of the order, terms of delivery in Ukraine and the prices. Thank for advance

RAMHOIST: AB70 is unavailable now, pls check offer of AB60 air balancer, price is $1800/unit for MOQ 5pcs, but we can also make 1 pc for sample, with price $1900/unit

SPECIFICATION & Quotation for 5 pcs (MOQ)

1、Pneumatic balancer………Unit Price :$ 1800/unit

Model:   AB60


CapacitySWL:                       60kg 

Lift Height:                                  1.4

Work pressure:                           0.6 -0.7 mpa

Down speed(no load):                22 meters/min 

Lift speed(full load):                    58 meters/min 

AIR consumption:                       0.27m³/min

Standard Features                    Accurate positioning and flexible floating function/simple adjustment, low work, high                                                                         efficiency/overload protection, air cut protection, no-load protection, etc./long service life


Price                                             Included

Quantity                                        5

Type                                             Remote Hand Control

CONTROL of air balancer.jpg

3、Air Filtration

Price:                                         Included 

Quantity:                                    5 

Type:                                         AC4000-04    

AIR FILTRATION CONTROL of air balancer.jpg

4、Air Pipe

Price:                                        Included

Quantity:                                    5    

Type:                                         Stretching length 9M

AIR PIPE CONTROL of air balancer.jpg

Unit Price Complete (All items described on page 1)………………………$ 9000 


Instructions. Instruction Manual (including installation, use, maintenance, lubrication parts list and exploded views).

Delivery time: 10 days

site photos of air balancer.jpg

RAMHOIST: Dear Oleg Borodavko

pls check which sea port is convenient for you to pick up and also the quantity then i will calculate the freight accoringly, thanks

Customer: Thanks for your answer.

Inform please about of the Air balancers AB60 lift height to 2 m?

We ask also to inform the price of  Air balancers AB70.

RAMHOIST: AB60 can not lift height to 2m, the max. lift height for AB60 is 1.8m

AB70 is unavailabe.
AB100 can lift 2m, with price: 2150 USD