How to connect remote control instead of using default control pendant for PA hoist?

Keyword:PA hoist   Time:2020-3-12 8:49:25

Ask: We have purchased on PA1000 motor for lift purpose in our home. We have planed to automate it instead of using control switch panel. There are four cables inside the remote panel: Red, Green, Yellow and White. Please give use the cable details. We are not able to find it in the Internet. Please help us to automate it.

Answer: Pls connect according to below wiring diagram:

Wiring diagram for connecting remote control of PA hoist.jpg

(The default configuration for PA hoist is with control pendant but without remote control, pls contact RAMHOIST in advance if you need remote control and we will connect ok for you before delivery, price will be slightly higher if using remote control)

Default pendent+remote control.jpg