Offer of Davit crane DV025 for Vietnam

Keyword:Davit crane   Time:2020-11-20 13:56:31

Customer: We are looking for 2 davits, such as your type DV025. We require a SWL of 250kg, and a fixed arm of about 1 mtr. Manual operated winch, with a cable length of 7 mtr. Would this be something you could supply, and if so, could you send me a quote? Thanks 


Davit cranes 42.jpg

Davit crane with hand winch.jpg


Davit crane with hand winch, 100 USD

Customer: Your price is fine for us.
Is it possible that you arrange the transport of 2 pcs of these davits, to our shipyard in Halong Bay, Vietnam?
If so, please inform us about deliverytime, and transport costs, then we will issue a PO for the total price of 2 pcs, including transportcosts.

Inland cost+clearance delaration fee+handle fee+document fee+sea freight: 180 USD
your estimated custom clearance cost: 300 USD
Above cost is based on CFR  Ho Chi Minh or Haiphong port. would you pick up in Ho Chi Minh or Haiphong port since Halong Bay, Vietnam is unavailabe by sea. 

Customer: My name is Ngoc from *** Procurement team, and I got your email from Anthonie. I will assist with shipping for the project.
With regards to above two davit cranes, can you please send me below information:
We need price CIF Haiphong seaport Vietnam, not CFR.
Please specify your leadtime and shipment time.
What is your desired payment terms?
What is warranty offer? 

1. CIF Haiphong seaport: 100 USD/unit *2 units + 180 USD + 15 USD (insurance) = 395 USD
2. Lead time 15 days, shipment time: 13 days
3, We desire payment 100% TT advance for sample order, of if you have friend in china you can ask them to pay chinese yuan (RMB) that can save bank charges for both of us.
4. warranty: 1 year 

Customer:The condition is acceptable for us.
Can you please issue an official pdf quotation your side based on our discussed content?
Product datasheet/ company profile to be submitted all together is great. 

RAMHOIST: The PI has sent to you email 

Customer: Thanks Yang. We will revert ASAP.
By the way, how will the warranty be taken place? We need to ship the goods back to China or how? 

RAMHOIST: warranty will talke place after it come to your side. no need to send back to china, we will send the parts to you if due to a mechanical problem. 

Customer:I like to move ahead with this PO now. Would you kindly sign/stamp and revert on our attaching document?
I also need you to address proforma invoice for the amount to below name and send back to us. 

RAMHOIST: has sent to you 

Customer: Thanks and noted. Let us proceed this work.
As information from accounting department, your invoice has been paid in full. Could you be so kind to acknowlge the receipt status and confirm delivery date please?

RAMHOSIT: yes, we recieved    

RAMHOIST: The goods is ready and sent to you, below is photos

250kg Davit crane made in china3.jpg

250kg Davit crane made in china4.jpg

250kg Davit crane made in china5.jpg

250kg Davit crane made in china6.jpg

Packing details: 4 package, 2 sets, 100kg (G.W.), 98kg (N.W.), 0.5CBM (Measurement)