3t Small Workshop Manual and Electric Hydraulic Mobile Counterbalance Floor Crane

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 1. Drive system: 24V/700W Series Wond motor with Microprocessor speed controler fully programmable
 2. Hydraulic motor: 24V/2,000W
 3. Battery: 2x12V/120Ah
 4. Charger: 24V/15A
 5. Run Speed: 4.0-5.0km/h
 6. Overall size: 2010x1490x1570mm

Boom & capacity:
 1. Boom Length: 1,200mm
 2. Boom Extend: 600mm by hydraulic + 600mm by manual
 3. Load Capacity: 1,200kgs boom retracted @ 1,200mm
                       600kgs single extended @ 1,800mm
                       300kgs double extended @ 2,400mm

Accessories for Option:
 . Remote control buttons ( 2.5M cable, 4 buttons )
 . Wireless remote control
 . Manual or power hoist
 . Changeable third boom with
     a. adjustable width double chain hooks
     b. adjustable width four chain hooks
     c. drum clamp with rotator

 This versatile and powerful units are built to handle continuous industrial use in repetitive lifting applications. 
 They offer additional productivity and ergonomic advantages over manual models, in addition to additional precision. 
 Units with capacities are up to 1200kgs. Lift and transport objects effortlessly.

Standard features

  1. Friendly for operator to use for lifting, extending and driving.

  2. With an adjustable legs with adjustable length.

  3. The integrated hydraulic system provides safety velocity fuse, adjustable flow control and compensated flow control valve, overload relief valve and so forth.

  4. The driving system provide all the safety features from a standard walkie trucks, such as speed control, emergency stop and magnetic brake and so forth.

  5. Just a button, you can lift and move everything to everywhere you need.


Details description
 Welded all-steel frame with powder-coat finish for maximum durability.

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2.Hydraulic Pump
 Double acting Hydraulic Pump unit fitted with pressure relief valve to prevent overloading.

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 Heavy duty Poly-on-steel wheels with brake. Super silent and wear-resisting pu wheel will not produce extra noise when the Electric floor cranes works.

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 Humanized design is adopted to make the user more comfortable to hold. Even if the working hours are long, the user will not be too tired.

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 Heavy duty swivel Hook with safety catch.

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 Equipped with high-quality cable to lift loads, which protect the load assignments from possible or potential danger.

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