Boogey, Under Slung, Top Running, Geared Type Manual Overhead Eot Crane Bridge Crane End Carriage/End Trucks

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 Our end trucks are compact, rail-mounted travel units for direct connection to crane girders and other load-bearing structures. The end trucks consist of a torsionally rigid box  section, wheel blocks and one of our geared motors. They offer excellent travel  characteristics – also for high loads. Their strengths in detail:
 • optimum travel characteristics
 • smooth starting thanks to matching drive solutions
 • high operating reliability
 • easy assembly and accessibility
 • for single and double-girder overhead travelling cranes, suspension cranes and travelling structures.

Safety features of 5ton end truck
 Weight overload protection device, top  quality long time bearing polyurethane materials buffer, crane travelling limit  switch, voltage lower protection function, emergency stop system, current overload protection system and so on.

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 Primer and finishing paint
 Color: according to your demand.
 Design, Manufacture, Quality Assurance, Test, After Sale Service, and we could  provide Turn-key installation as your demand.

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 Hoists and other components are packed in plywood crate.
 Main beam covered by woven plastic cloth.

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Work flow of our end trucks

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