Overhead Crane End Truck Carriage Beam Geared Wheel (active wheel) + Plain Wheel (driven wheel)

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Ramhoist 95mm crane end carriage wheel introduction:

1 set crane wheels includes 2 driven wheels, 2 active wheels, NSK bearings, shaft, axle, nuts, positioning plate

It is applied on crane end carriage, to carry the main crane beam to move forwards and forwards on the runway rail. Ramhoist crane wheel helps crane move on the runway rail with lower noise smoothly.

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End truck wheel kits are specially and professionally manufactured by the first class technology; It is hard and durable enough to use more than 10 years.
Any wheels we can produce by your special requirement. This end truck wheel kits are widely and professionally used in the Overhead Cranes and Related End Carriages, have exported to all over the world: Indonesia, Malaysia, Russia, America, UAE, Turkey, Vietnam, Peru and so on.

End Truck Wheel Kits Description Names:
Wheels,wheel block, crane wheel, end truck wheel, end carriage wheel,
bridge crane wheel, gantry crane wheel, crane trolley, hoist wheels.

Different types of end truck wheel kits
European type end truck wheel kits
Compact structure, few parts, easy to assemble.
High strength ductile iron wheel qt700-2, good wear resistance and shock absorption.
Using template design, complete sets of supply.
DING standard internal spline 5480 connection, automatic positioning, easy to disassemble.

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LD type end truck wheel kits

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LD type end truck wheel kits installed on the end truck

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