500kg 1000kg Construction Roof Mini Home Floor Use Machinery Lifting Small Builders Crane Mini Winch Crane

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The biggest advantage of 360 degree small lift crane is that the other machine cannot be replaced when lifting the home improvement material. In the small construction project, the roof waterproofing project, the protective net, the installation of billboards, the handling of the workshop goods, the farmers' cellar to store the fruit, the rural building, The industry such as pouring mud and concrete in the building can replace the existing machine lifting or manual handling with its unique advantages. Therefore, it is also a supplementary tool for the large construction team.

For customer

 1.Loading capacity? (kg)

 2.Working speed? (m/min)

 3.Wire rope length? (m)

 4.Power supply? (110V--460V). or customized.

 5.Where does it use?

 6.What does the winch use for? (For horizontally pulling or vertically lifting? )

 7.QTY? (set)

 8.FOB CFR CIF price?(If needs, please tell us your nearest destination port.)

 9.Any other special demands?

The corner of our factory

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Application of small lift crane

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Rope show
Single rope
The load capacity of single rope is in half.

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Double rope
The load capacity of double rope is standard.

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