20200901-PW-purchase of electrical chain hoist from Belgium

Keyword:electrical chain hoist   Time:2021-4-21 22:05:03

Customer: Parkwind is an offshore windfarm operating company who does maintenance on the lower part of the structure (everything starting from underneath the WTG all the way down to the seabed)


We have been working with powertool driven winch cables to lower down our equipment (max 100kg) into the confined space (+/- 20m). Due to tension on these cables (bends, twists, fraying) we want to upgrade our system by using an electric chain hoist.


- Chain hoist needs to be somewhat portable, as we need to drag it everywhere with us.

- Weights of around 100kg are being lifted.

- the top of the winch needs to have a hook-on point for attachment to positioning lines or lifting slings. So either a big eye bolt or a hook is sufficient.

- lifting length needs to be at least 20m.

- maintenance free as much as possible.

- most intensive use asks for 24-30 lifts per day for the period of 3-4 weeks. (includes lowering + hoisting)

- electricity foreseen in windturbine: 230V, 16A


If possible, could you send me a quotation/product which is suitable for our job?


If any more information is needed, please ask.