Request for Electric chain hoist--Single fall ¼ to 5 tons, 2 speeds lift and 2 speed trolley from Canada

Keyword:Electric chain hoist--Single fall ¼ to 5 tons, 2 speeds lift and 2 speed trolley   Time:2021-5-22 11:27:34

Hi Yang,


We know very well the kito product and his price.


Our market have a lot of choice at this moment. The quality is not on all.

That mean, the customer choose the price and quality. Kito on the market, is

expensive one.


I’m the owner of ***, If you could give me a very good deal. I do a serious study

To make your products.


Present me, a 2 speeds lift and 2 speed trolley

600 Volts / 3 phases / 60 Hz

10 to 15 feet lift

Single fall ¼ to 5 tons


Tell me.,



Hi Yang,


Could you give me the name and the web site of your company?






We are KITO technology but price is much lower.

Attached offer (our 5 ton is dual falls).


Best regards


 China RM Electric Chain Hoists Wholesale Supplier14.jpg


Hi Yang,


Thanks for our prompt reply.


Who said the true?????? Who is the manufacturer?


TXK, Chi Yeah (Taiwan), Your company or 10 others????

I come you back with your offer. Thanks




Attached honor which you will see we are manufacturer.

Best regards




Hi Mr Yang,


I have some others questions for you.


Do you have other distributor in Canada? Who?


Your price, it is a final price?


We look to have a good product for our customer. What is

Your warranty?


Could you have a very better price if we order the hoist

And the chains in baril and bottom block in case?


Actually, We don't test your products (quality) and I don't

Have a really advantage (Price, warranty) to sale yours.






We don't have distributor in Canada yet.

The price is final price based on 5 sets.

Warranty is 1 year.

Chain is in chain bag or metal bucket.

We suggest to have a sample order to test firstly.

Best regards