575/3/60 voltage CSA approved electric chain hoist requested by Canada

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 Is the product CSA approved for sale in Canada?

Can you supply 575/3/60 voltage?



Thanks for the interest.

We can supply 575/3/60 voltage.

We are not CSA approved, All of our hoist based on ISO / FEM, CMAA international standard. For some of electric parts we used, they are follow up UL/CSA standard. For your information, only very few hoist makers will apply UL/CSA for the whole hoist, the procedure is very complicated and not necessary.

Attached site photos of electric chain hoist and end truck we just produced for US, for your reference.

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We have European CE certification, CE being similar to UL and CSA ratings here in North America, but with more rigid requirements.

We have already sold many hoists to the US and it is not a must.

Our contactor and wiring have CSA or UL, the whole hoist is not CSA / UL certificated.

We can pass the HI-POT test.

May I know is complete hoist CSA is must?

Only pendant cable and power cable of ours is UL approval, electric parts for control pendant is not CSA approval.

Propose we only supply you electric chain hoist but without pendant cable, power cable and control pendant, is it possible?

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The USA is a different market than Canada and Canada requires CSA approval for products of this nature to be sold inCanada.




Don Knowles

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It’s a long time since our last talk.

How are you and how is the business?

Are you in business of end truck wheek kits, Canada customer buy these and no need for CSA approval.

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