Inquiry about fast moving model 500kg dual speed elctric chain hoist with 10ft lift

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Dear Mr Yang,

Please send  me your product catalog with specifications and price, spares price, delivery time etc.,

The fast moving model is 500kg dual speed, elctric chain hoist with 10ft lift.


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Dear K.K.Kaliappan

Thanks for the interest.

Attached catalogue and offer (FOB china, 5 pcs)

Delivery time: 10 days


500kg dual speed, electric chain hoist with 10ft lift, lifting speed 6.8/2.3 m/min.

502.98US$/pc (with hook suspension)

767.98US$/pc (with electric trolley)

Above price is based on FOB china, 5 pc


Best regards


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Dear K.K.Kaliappan

Our hoist is Manufactured to JB5317-2007 (idt BS3243/1990).

Attached Honor and Testing procedures which guarantee quality.

Pls contact me if any questions. It is our pleasure to be on service of you!

Thanks and best regards




Dear K.K.Kaliappan

Below is the difference between our Electric chain hoist VS others

1, Our level 1’s electric chain hoist could pass American and Canada test especially for control pendant, pendant cable and power cable.

2, Our electrical part is Germany standard.

3, Our bearing is Japanese NSK, we can supply serial no. if you like.

4, Our painting film adhering capacity is stronger.

5, Our parts accuracy is higher.

Best regards




Dear Yang,
I will try 500kgs capacity Dual speed Electric Hoist. Please send your offer fro the same.
Lift: 3metres (10feet)
Chain: Single Fall
Chain Container: plastic
Frequency: 50Hz
Supply Voltage: 390 - 430
Pendant Drop: 3metres ( 10ft)
Please send your best offer for the above.
Thanks with regards,




Dear K.K.Kaliappan

434.43 US $ (with hook suspension)

(supply voltage: 400V chain container: metal)

The price is based on CFR Mumbai,India

Attached technical specification.

Comment, pls.

Best regards