Pulley Block Lifting Manual Heavy Materials Usage 2t Electric Chain Hoist china made

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General Description
 Electric chain hoist is a small light lifting equipment, widely used to lift, loading and unloading, repair equipment, hoisting goods, install on a suspended I-steel, curve track, jib crane rail and fixed lifting hoisting heavy weights.
 Electric chain hoist can be classified into electric chain hoist with electric trolley, electric chain hoist with manual trolley, suspend hook electric chain hoist, low headroom electric chain hoist

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1. A compact design that provides safety and high power
 The machine is equipped with an overwind and overload prevention device and a unique braking mechanism, assuring the ultimate in safe operation.
 2. Versatility and unrivaled performance are the keys to their great popularity.
 The hoist of three phases 220V,380V,400V,415V,440V,525V satisfies a multitude demands in agriculture, shops, factories and the home.
 3. A low-noise design satisfies today's demands.
 Aluminum die cast bodies and well thought out machine efficiency have led to quiet machines, which is an important feature in environments requiring low noise levels such as hospitals, shops, homes and schools.
 4. Mechanical and power brakes provide outstanding braking.
 RAMHOIST’ unique brake mechanism uses non-asbestos material. It not only holds loads  securely but also delivers sufficient braking force for tough jobs and has exceptionally long service life.
 5. Overload and overwind preventions are integrated in one safety device.

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