High Working Grade 2 Ton Hook Suspension Double Brake Electric Clutch Chain hoist Fix Type

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Best quality 5 ton kito electric chain hoist with hook is a kind of light and handy hoisting equipment. It is composed by motor, transmission mechanism and sprocket wheel. The appearance is elegant, strong and durable, all the internal gears are treated by high temperature quenching, which increases wear and toughness of the gears, using the most advanced technology, fine workmanship.

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 1.3 meter lifting height and power supply cable as standard accompanies, can be made as your request.

 2.Canvas chain container is standard accompanies. steel chain container is available if lifting height is more than capacity of the standard container volume.

 3.Emergency stop button on the push button, push down it, the motor circuit willbe cut off.

 4.Single Voltage or Dual Voltage optional (220/380V,220/440V etc)

 5.Control Voltage:24V/36V/48V optional.

 6.Dual speed or single speed optional.

 7.Single phase or three phase.

 8.Woking grade: M4

 9.G80, G100, or FEC Japan Chain option.

 10.Remote control, Travel  limiter, Overload limiter, Rain cover can be add.


Detailed display

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Whether chain hoist or wire rope hoist, electric or pneumatic; our line of powered hoists are ideal in manufacturing, power generation, and industrial facilities where heavy items are lifted and positioned as part of production or warehousing. Our new model high-capacity wire rope hoist complements our line with capacities up to 50 Tons. We offer a full line of manual hoists, both hand chain and lever tools, which are used primarily for maintenance and construction activities.