RFQ 2021TSM10080--ZD1 22-4/4.5 conical rotor brake motor

Keyword:ZD122-4/4.5 conical rotor brake motor   Time:2021-11-8 13:30:21

Dear sir/Madam,Please provide us quotation for below items.
1.Motor, Tapered Rotor,Hoisting, Type: ZD-22-4,
   1.5KW, 1680rpm,440V, 4.3A, 19.6NM,IP55, 60Hz,  JB/T9008.1-2004, Cone Rotor 3 Phase Induction Motor,
  Make: Nanjing Crane Motor General Factory, For Bulk Load Chute of Packing Plant.& For Cooler Bag House Electric Hoist.

  Qty: 04 Pcs

Please include the following terms. 


1.country of origin.


2.Max. possible discount.


3.lowest possible delivery time.


4.delivery place


5.technical data sheet /drawing/picture/catalogue


6.payment time


7.weight and dimensions of the product




9.validity of the offer 


10.Packing charge

ZD1 22-44 conical rotor brake motor-1.jpg

ZD1 22-44 conical rotor brake motor-2.jpg

ZD1 22-44 conical rotor brake motor-3.jpg

ZD1 22-44 conical rotor brake motor-4.jpg

ZD1 22-44 conical rotor brake motor-5.jpg

RAMHOIST: Type: ZD122-4/4.5

200 USD/unit

Technical parameters of ZD conical rotor brake motor.pdf

1.country of origin: china


2.Max. possible discount. 200 USD/unit


3.lowest possible delivery time: 10 days


4.delivery place: Nanjing


5.technical data sheet /drawing/picture/catalogue: http://ramhoist.com/upfile/202108/2021082055254901.pdf


6.payment time: 30%TT advance and balance before delivery


7.weight and dimensions of the product: 36KG, no actual data of dimension now.


8.brand/make: Nanjing Crane Motor General Factory


9.validity of the offer: 2 weeks


10.Packing charge: included

Customer: Thanks for quotation.Please provide us Technical data sheet for better understanding.


RAMHOIST: 5.technical data sheet /drawing/picture/catalogue: http://ramhoist.com/upfile/202108/2021082055254901.pdf
pls check above link