2-Drum Economy Automatic Forklift Oil Drum Carrier

Keyword:oil drum carriers   Time:2019-10-17 23:53:15

Product Introduction

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 Modern design, compact structure, firm and durable, nimble
 Ideal for handling in factory, warehouse, station, wharf and so on.
 Easy to operate, safety in use, convenient to repair.
 With a tight hoop
 Lifting by hand
 The left side of frame has locking installation
 Turning drum by hand

 Eagle Beak Design
 Not easy to deform and fall off
 Strong biting force

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 Pedal oil spring
 More economical and practical
 Pedal control oil drum elevation
 No oil leakage, very labor-saving

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 nylon PA
 The nylon wheel has small resistance and easy pulling when it rotates.
 Use labor-saving, wear-resistant and practical

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 Manual oil drum lifter, with small dimension, easy to move.
 Wheels: rubber wheels/nylon wheels /PU wheels
 Heavy duty design and good operated hydraulic pump;
 Ergonomic solutions for lifting, transporting and placing drums;
 Eagle-grip structure is suitable for steel drums and plastics drums;
 Exclusive clamping mechanism which is safe and reliable;


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