Technical details of Railway Jack

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railway jack (HS code8425429000)

ModelMaximum lifting capacity (T)Maximum hook  lift capacity(T)Lifting height(MM)Top high(MM)Feet high hook(MM)

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This machine is suitable for railway track laying, bridge erection,and vehicles, equipment, weight lifting purpose, has the advantages of simple structure, convenient use, safety and reliability, multiple and advantages, is a widely used tool for lifting. There are some product parameters.

Working principle

This machine is one kind of manual lifting tool, has the advantage of compact structure,reasonable use of rocker swing the tooth claw to move up and down, and Cooperate with fixed tooth claw linkage, push the rack of fall, lifting the lift along.

Usage & Precautions

1.Before the lifting must check whether the parts is normal.

2.When using base shall be flat, avoid skew,forbid to use overload, such as use of multiple machines for the goods of over weight.

3.Rising: lift rocker, will at the bottom of lift chain to the horizontal position, the rocker lever is inserted into the hole to do reciprocating movement up and down, the weight that rise. Rocker arm up or down to hear the pawl and rack contact Lota sound as normal.(decline when the same)

4.Decline: lifting rocker, lifting spanner back to the home position, up and down reciprocating a rocker, which gradually declined.

5.Fall: lifting spanner in the down position, use the mother refers to the lifting handle part forced by force, lift rocker, rack that fall. Fall are not free to use, only for the no-load rapid decline.


1.keep the essence clean, Note the friction between the friction parts, and often filling lubricating oil.

2.One should not be arbitrarily tossing impact so as not to damage the parts.

3.During use, Users need to check regularly according to the situation.

4.If found mechanical damage, it should be replaced promptly to avoid accidents.

Single hole or dual hole of 20T Track Jack (Mechanical Jack for Railway)