Technical Specifications for Vacuum Lifter RDS-MH10 (capacity 900 kg and 10 suction cups)

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Technical Specifications for
 Vacuum Lifter

Version 2019

Model number: RDS-MH10
The Vacuum Lifter was powered by batteries without electric or compressed air input. A hydraulic station supplied for tilting and rotation, the machine had two vacuum pumps and dual vacuum circle designed for higher safety use. The machine also have wireless remote controller for remote operation.   

Main specifications:

• Dual vacuum system

• Maximum carrying capacity 900 kg

• One extension beam on both sides in length

• 10 of diameter 300mm suction cups, 6 of them mounted on main frame, the other 4 cups mounted on the extension beams, unit cup force is 360kg, by 2.0 safety factor and 2.0 friction factor, the rated force was 90kg, the machine total capacity is 900kg

• Quick release connector: all cups were plugged into vacuum distributor by quick release connectors, customer can easy move suction cups away at will according to the glass dimensions

• DC24V powered hydraulic pump station,0.5KW

• Dual 24V vacuum pumps

• Hydraulic motor with slew bearing for rotation 360°

• 2 of hydraulic ram for tilting 90°

• Suction frame(without extension beams): 1525x1200x1580mm

• Maximum frame length with extension beams: 3000 x 1200x1580

• Wired remote control for vacuum release, hydraulic tilting and rotating, maximum working range 30M

• 2 of manual vacuum release valve used for emergency or maintenance purpose

• 2 of vacuum pressure switch used for low pressure alarm

• 2 groups of solenoid valves for remote vacuum release

• 2 of High volume DC battery, DC12V, 55ah

• Battery charger of AC110-230V input, 15Ah

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