Inquiry about airport wrapping machine from Czech Republic

Keyword:airport wrapping machine   Time:2021-4-21 13:53:49

Customer: Hello

Do you produce airport wrapping machine and what is the price?
Thanks-Gotse Bukovski
RAMHOIST: Dear Gotse Bukovski
2800 USD/unit
airport wrapping machine.jpg
Customer: Do you have a representative-company for your products in Europe, a company that sells your machine? 

RAMHOIST: no, we do not have, we can send the machine to your local sea port, you just pick up, very easy

Customer: I asked you, because a company from the Czech Republic, I think sells the same machine as yours.I thought they were your salesman. Please open the link:

RAMHOIST: i have seen the link but it is not our salesman.

Customer: I'm sorry, because of the corona problem all plans have been stopped. I will have to wait for better times.