Vacuum Tube Lifter for 200lbs wood sheets from Canada

Keyword:200lbs wood sheets   Time:2021-5-1 13:54:34

Customer: I’m interested in a lifting system to lift sheets of wood. 48” x 96” – 200lbs

Similar to below picture


Can you provide a quote?

2020-09-09 20_50_04-vacuum sheet lifter for panels - Google Search.png

RAMHOIST: 4500 USD (FOB china)

technical details:

you can check the video in this link, it is for customer Line to Line in Canada:

Customer: Please price me on the lifter, the pump, everything except the jib crane. I don’t need the post and the beam jib crane.

RAMHOIST: the price includes the lifter, the pump, everything except the jib crane.

Customer: So the price is 4500usd and doesn't include the jib crane? Your previous email said the jib crane is included for 4500usd

RAMHOIST: jib crane is as option, some customers need and some customers do not need, the price does not include the jib crane

Customer: Your unit is too much money.

I bought something else now.