Requirment of Trolley Manual heavy duty from UAE

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Dear Sir,                                                                                                           

One of our client is in requirement of item as per below mentioned detail and quantity.

Sr No.

Item Description





Trolley Manual heavy duty Type2500X1753

02 tons



We request you to please send us your exclusive offer including below:-


1.       FOB Price. 

2.       C&F Freight Charges upto Jebel Ali Seaport, Dubai

3.       Country of origin        

4.       Port of shipment

5.       Delivery period

6.       Validity period

7.       Data sheet of offered items

8.       Weight of offered items

9.       Warranty/ Guarantee.

10.   Worldwide reference list of supply.


1.       FOB Price.      105 US $/unit, but for only 2 pcs, there is abnormal custom cost and we ask for 100 USD for it.

2.       C&F Freight Charges upto Jebel Ali Seaport, Dubai     we can make free

3.       Country of origin      china  

4.       Port of shipment       shanghai

5.       Delivery period        5 days

6.       Validity period         2 weeks

7.       Data sheet of offered items  pls check our website:

8.       Weight of offered items   68KG

9.       Warranty/ Guarantee.    1 year

10.   Worldwide reference list of supply.    regret company has rule can not release, thanks