Offer request for Permanent magnetic lifter from Macedonia

Keyword:Permanent magnetic lifter   Time:2021-5-5 10:34:56

Customer: Please send us offer for permanent magnetic lifters, capable for lifting 
300km, thickness 10mm.

We need 5 pcs.

RAMHOIST: 300KG: 100 USD/unit (FOB china)

Customer: Please send us official offer for 5 pcs with lifting capacity of 300kgr, with included air transport to Macedonia.

Company details:


RAMHOIST: Attached PI for you to proceed, thanks

Customer: I have already order permanent lifters from other supplier from China.

RAMHOIST: May i know their price? it is just 7 days since i sent you invoice, thanks

Customer: 80isd per pcs

RAMHOIST: May i know their max. pulling force? I assume it is 2.2 times, while ours offer are 3 times