Coil Upender and Coil Lifter Tilter with Power Roller Line

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 In metal coil  processing plants, coil should be put vertically or horizontally for coil loading.
 For example, uncoilers of slitting line, roll forming machine, cut to length line, pipe mills need coil stand vertically, while usually metal coils should be horizontally piled  up in bell-type annealing furnace. It is more convenient to lift up a vertically standing coil, easier to pack standing coil by steel tapes. It is safer to transport horizontally lying coils than vertically standing coils.
 Therefore, metal coil  tilter, also called coil turnover, coil upender, are needed to turn vertically standing coil to horizontally stand, or vice versa (turn horizontally lying coil to vertically standing coil)

Detailed Pictures:

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 Main Features
 1) Easy in installation and maintenance. 
 2) Hardened structural steel and components provide long life and safe operational stability.
 3) Adopting advanced world famous brand components in controlling parts,  electric parts and operation parts. 
 4) Running in an automation, high durability and stability. 
 5) Compact design, meet custom demands.

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