Stationary Steel Heavy Load Electric Easy Operation Hydraulic Dock Leveler/Edge

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Dock leveler:
 1. They are widely used in docks\Stations and warehouses. An equipment which will install in the pit of platform. Power is from blower motor.
 2. High performance and easily operate. Its main function is to put up a bridge between cargo platform and vehicles.
 3. The first-class hydraulic technology increases the efficiency and safety in loading or unloading goods.
 4. A section of the equipment is in cargo platform, and the other is connecting with vehicles, and can adjusting automatically the height according to the height of different vehicles.

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Notice: It can be customized according to your need about the specifications of the Hydraulic Stationary Dock Leveler. So please feel free to contact us for any question.

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 Lift panel
 We are a versatile board surface (non-welding), which guarantees the firmness and torsion resistance of the board surface, stable operation when loading and unloading goods, and high safety performance.

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 Smooth transition
 When the loading and unloading platform is opened, it can smoothly transition, and the service life of the mouth plate is guaranteed. On the other hand, the health of the staff who drive the forklift is guaranteed.
 Special Features
 1. Italy electro-hydraulic system, 24V DC button control;
 2. Both sides equipped with security plates prevent feet damage;
 3. Lip plate and car has always been linked with the platform and lip board  adopt the long axis articulated, fully guarantee its high strength, long life.

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Our Services
 Dock Leveler Pre-sale service
 We offer no obligation professional consultation and design. Allow our experienced staff to assist you in designing a storage system that best suits your particular needs.
 We also offer:
 • Professional CAD Drawings
 • Stamped Engineered Drawings
 Custom sizes and colors are also available.
 Custom designed and built to meet your specific needs and requirements.
 After Sale Service
 1.Professional engineer and application specialists respond to your requests efficiently;
 2.Online via SKYPE/whatsapp/wechat; Also through mail, voice phone message and fax if network is not accessible for customer;
 3.Follow up the case, record the entire process, report complaint to QC department;
 4.QC will find defect from which department ,who is in charge to identify responsibility
 record customer respond, suggestion, requirement.

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