Which crane and crane parts should be chosen?

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Bridge Crane, Gantry  Crane and Pillar Jib Crane
 Hoisting crane is a kind of machine which can be widely used in various factories. It can carry out up and down motion, horizontal load movement, and helps to load material. In the narrow space of the workshop, the three foot frame of the crane can be held by the structure of the factory's own beam, and the crane is usually a bridge crane, a Longmen crane and an electric hoist. Generally speaking, these lifting devices are very suitable for factory lifting operations.
 1,  Bridge Crane and Gantry Crane
 Because the ends of the crane are placed on the concrete column or metal beam of the factory, the whole machine is in the air, and the shape of the crane is like a  bridge, so it is also called a bridge type crane. We can use a bridge crane to hoist above the workshop. When lifting material, we can use horizontal and vertical ways.  



Overhead  traveling crane is the most widely used and largest lifting equipment in the market. The longitudinal guide rail is installed at both ends of the bridge crane to make the crane move longitudinally, so that the space under the bridge can be better used to lift the heavy objects and avoid the obstacles on the ground.

After the emergence of the bridge crane, people invented the gantry crane based on it. The gantry crane can load and unload the goods outside the factory. The crane's main beam has a leg at both ends, which can carry load movement on the ground track. Its metal structure is similar to the door frame. Either ends of the main girder also have the function of extending the cantilever beam. The Longmen crane has been widely applied in ports and factories because of its high utilization rate of space, large radius of operation, good versatility and  so on.


This  is the simplest lifting equipment. It has the advantages of small size and  light weight, and it is widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, workshops and other places. It can be used alone or in combination with Longmen cranes and bridge cranes.

2, Pillar  Jib Crane | Cantilever crane
The pillar jib crane also called pillar mounted jib crane  made of rolled steel I beam to fit most standard hoist and trolleys,which is a type of freestanding small and medium materialhandling equipment with the base plate installed on the floor or fastened on the ceiling without any support from the building, in other words, this workstation crane is designed for freestanding installation on the building floor. The  Pillar Jib Crane (cantilever crane) has the advantages of flexible rotation and  smooth operation of the track, wihch provides a slew range of 360° with jib arm lengths of up to 8 m and Safe Working Loads  of up to 10 tons, thus ensures the stability and improve efficiency. Our customers are very satisfied with our Pillar Jib Crane.


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