How to solve the potential safety hazards caused by electric hoist?

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Lightweight crane with  electric hoist is a good tool for lifting goods, and its volume is relatively  small, which is used in many enterprises. When the crane is finished or the  cargo needs to be suspended in the air, it will find that the cargo has  slipped. If the decline is serious, it will cause the goods to fall to the  ground, resulting in damage to the goods. Serious will also damage people,  resulting in safety accidents, so we should pay attention to the slippage of electric hoist crane.

 There are many  reasons for the braking failure of electric hoist of light crane. It is quite  common that the hoist has not been used for a long time, and in order to ensure  the use effect, the brake adjustment nut has been adjusted, resulting in too  long brake distance. There is also the long-term use of electric hoist,  resulting in serious wear and tear of the brake ring, friction decline, it can‘t very well enhance the pressure of the  brake spring. So when the hoist of light crane stops, the friction of the brake  ring decreases, and the hoist will have too large sliding distance. When the  slide occurs, you can take out the instructions and adjust the electric hoist  according to the required parameters. It should be noted that when adjusting,  the electric hoist should be powered off, and can’t  be checked at work.

 But when we adjust  the electric hoist, we find that the slippage of light crane still exists, so  we need to adjust it from other aspects. You can take the brake ring apart to  see if there is any oil in it. Oil pollution has good lubricity, it will  greatly reduce the friction of the brake ring, so when braking, because the  friction is not enough, it can‘t play a  very good braking role, leading to the decline of goods. So we need to  thoroughly clean the brake ring to ensure that the surface of the brake ring  has enough friction.

 Above are the reasons  for the slippage of the goods lifted by the hoist when the light crane is used.  Of course, there are many other factors, which require us to carefully examine  the electric hoist, find out the reasons, and adjust. Only in this way can the  crane play a normal role and ensure the safety of use.

 After finding out the  reason, we will tell you that there are several ways to completely solve the  potential safety hazards of light cranes.

 1. Choose the right  wire rope. In the process of crane operation, the existence of wire rope is  very important. In order to make the lifting work smoothly, the alternately  twisted wire rope is usually chosen; the wire rope wound on the pulley and drum  needs to be contacted with the wire first. This kind of equipment must pay  attention to its internal wire breakage when conducting wire rope inspection.  Managing and operating personnel must operate accurately and safely according  to the national standard rules of cranes. At the same time, in order to ensure  the service life of the wire rope, the safety factor and tensile strength of  the wire rope should be correctly selected according to the working level of the  mechanism and the users.

 2. Pay attention to  the maintenance of equipment. The camber of the main girder and the deformation  of its main parts should be carefully checked. At the same time, check all  connection bolts, especially the connection bolts of the main girder and end  girder, the electric conductive maintenance platform of the cart or other  parts, and pay special attention to the situation that no loosening can occur.  The running track of crane and trolley must be inspected regularly, and the track  tightening should be paid attention to in time. The weld of track pressure  plate can‘t crack.

 3. In order to ensure  the safe and effective operation of equipment, some routine safety checks are  also needed during operation. For example, to enhance the performance of height  limiter, travel limiter switch and interlocking mechanism to ensure its safety  and reliability. Every major component must also meet safety requirements. The  hook hanger and pulley should not have obvious defects. The steel wire rope on  the surface of electric hoist should be worn out and the corrosion must not  exceed 40% of the diameter of the steel wire.

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