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RAMHOIST electric hoist is a very common equipment, the scope of application is becoming more and more extensive, especially in some heavy industry. Although this equipment is simple in operation, but correct operation of many staff are difficult to guarantee. At this time, good companies will make some right  decisions to help workers better operate RAMHOIST electric hoist.

First, in the process  of using, the equipment is constantly consuming its own parts, some parts will  certainly lose the initial use effect after a long period of time, or even  damage. At this time, the staff should first stop the equipment, remove the  damaged parts, and then install new parts. It is better for the staff to  install the new parts provided by the original manufacturer. The specifications  and sizes are the same, so the effect of using them will be very good  naturally. 

Secondly, do a good  job of inspection before using the equipment. RAMHOIST electric hoist must be  checked in all aspects before use, such as hook, wire rope, reducer and so on.  The most important configuration of these equipment must be determined that  there is no problem before it can work. If there are technical problems,  technical personnel should be contacted in time to help solve them before  using.

Finally, in the  process of using the equipment, it is forbidden for anyone who has nothing to  do with the work to enter the hoisting dangerous area. Regular enterprises will  equip special caregivers in this area to ensure the smooth progress of the  work. The lifted items should be within the scope of the equipment, such as the  weight, the lifted items weight can‘t  exceed the prescribed weight, and if the lifting is not balanced, there are  sliding, instability and other phenomena, can’t  continue to hang, otherwise the problems will cause serious consequences. When  the work stops or the equipment is not in use, the lifted items should be put  down in time, and should not be rotated in mid-air, which is very dangerous.  When putting down an object, the action should be gentle, and the object can‘t be allowed to slide freely, nor can it be  stopped by using the limiter of the limit.

After talking about  the staff need to do a few points, and then say what enterprises need to do in  it.

Firstly, the staff  employed by the enterprise must be those who have professional training or many  years of work experience. Such staff are not only able to operate equipment.  More importantly, they can operate the Electric Hoist safely and correctly,  work steadfastly, and deal with problems freely. Such staff can better maintain  the equipment, reduce the trouble for enterprises and reduce the cost of  equipment maintenance.

Second, to provide a  normal environment for the use of equipment, such as RAMHOIST large-scale  equipment, for the use of the environment will have certain requirements, before  we should ensure the safety of the surrounding environment, it is best to use  in a ventilated environment. Therefore, enterprises must have their own  warehouse storage equipment. If it is kept in a humid place for a long time, it  is necessary to carry out trial operation again to see if there is any  abnormality in the equipment. To learn to clean equipment in the right way,  supermarkets have special tools and detergents for cleaning equipment. The  detergent used should not contain too many corrosive substances, otherwise it  will affect the equipment.

Third, enterprises  should equip special maintenance personnel to carry out regular maintenance of  equipment, basically three to six months to the equipment maintenance once,  thorough inspection once, there are problems to be solved in time. And regular  maintenance is also to help enterprises save maintenance costs, if the  equipment is completely damaged, it will cost a lot of money to repair. At the  same time, enterprises should formulate rules and regulations for the use of RAMHOIST  Electric Hoist, so as to avoid unfavorable effects on the hoist caused by staff  who do not use the equipment according to regulations.

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