How to Deal with Crane Accidents

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In recent years, cranes have played an increasingly important role in the operation of engineering buildings or factories and mines. With the increasing application of lifting equipment, crane accidents also  occur frequently. Lifting machinery is mostly due to brake, electrical components  and other issues.

 First of all, the  brake is very important in lifting machinery. The sudden release of the brake  will lead to falling accidents, even serious injuries. Secondly, most of the  electrical energy problems are due to quality problems, followed by artificial  customers. In many electrical control systems, if the electrical number is not  clear enough, it will become very troublesome for maintenance in later use. And  the routing should be as simple as possible, if there are many redundant lines  out of the line, it will naturally bring a sense of chaos to the entire line  system. Of course, it will also affect the later period and maintenance  management work.

 In order to avoid  unnecessary crane accidents, first teach you how to use the crane correctly.

 1. When lifting goods  by a crane is twisted, the lifting height of heavy objects must be higher than  0.3 meters above the obstacles. People with superior vision and hearing and who  have been operated and trained by cranes should be allowed to control  them.  

 2. When the crane is  installed on the gradient plane or on the inclined plane which is not greater  than 5 degrees, the four wheels must contact the plane and fix the wheels so as  to avoid moving in the lifting task.            

 3. When the machine  is in use, move the counterweight box to the outside and fill the counterweight  box with 520 kg of sand, stone or other heavy objects. When no-load traction  moves the machine, it can reduce the traction force by removing the material in  the box and moving the counterweight box to the inside.

 4. When adjusting the  amplitude of the lifting arm to change the handwheel, it is necessary not to  suspend heavy objects in the unloaded form.            

 5. Every year, the  crane should be repaired on time. When the crane is repaired on time, besides  the specific repairs of all parts of the crane, static and dynamic experiments  are also needed.            

 6. During operation,  the lifted weight should be controlled from shaking in space.            

 7. The operator of  the crane should pay attention to the fact that the lifted weight should not  exceed the additional lifting weight of the boom, and the lifted weight should  be in the natural sagging position of the hook.

 If there are some  emergencies in the operation process of the crane, we should take some urgent  measures decisively at this time.

 When the working wire  rope at one end of the suspension platform breaks, the suspension platform  inclines. When the inclination reaches a certain degree, the safety lock closes  actively, and the suspension platform is locked in the safety wire rope. At  this time, the construction personnel in the suspension platform should insist  on calmness, strictly prohibit running and jumping in the suspension platform,  and deal with it according to the emergency method when each wire rope plug is  in the elevator.

 If the suspension  platform can not stop after releasing the button in the process of lifting and  landing, the red emergency switch on the box door should be pressed immediately  to stop the suspension platform quickly. Then unplug the power switch of the  box, check the contact condition of the contactor, clean the grease dirt and  impurities on the surface of the contactor. After the contactor can be restored  to normal action by hand, close the power switch and use manual sliding method  to lower the suspension platform to the ground for repair.

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