Winch-A good Assistant in Mining

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Winches are light and small lifting equipments that use drums to wrap wire ropes or chains to lift or tow heavy objects.

 Winch system mainly includes: main drum  assembly, winch frame and shield assembly, angular transmission box assembly,  turntable transmission device, main drum brake system, main brake cooling  circulation system, water brake, water brake water circulation system, winch power input and output shield, crane anti-collision device and so on. The winch  parts of the drilling and repairing machine are arranged on the pry seat of the  power winch, which is compact in structure, convenient in installation and  disassembly. In addition, I will introduce two winches to you from the aspects  of speed and rope chain.

 The first is the main mine twin-speed  winch. Mining twin-speed winch is used for auxiliary transportation of  underground mining face, fully mechanized mining equipment and all kinds of  mechanical and electrical equipment, as well as dispatching of mining vehicles  at underground mining face, bottom-entry yard, up and down hill, coal mine  ground and other places, material transportation, and pillar roof caving in  mining face.

 The main features of the mine twin-speed  winch are as follows: (1)Using the "double-axle and multi-stage"  transmission characteristics, a large transmission ratio is achieved. (2) By  using the transmission principle of "tooth-link" transmission system,  not only the slow and fast speed are realized, but also the high speed ratio of  fast and slow speed is realized, and the integration of fast and slow mine  winches is well realized. (3) The structure of "long strip symmetry"  is adopted to realize compact structure, beautiful and practical appearance,  suitable for the operation of narrow space in underground coal mine, and  convenient for the self-shifting of different working places. (4) High  transmission efficiency, high working efficiency, large rope capacity and  energy saving. (5) Easy to operate, easy to use and reliable double brake. (6)  The structure and technology are simple, reliable and low cost. (7) Long  service life and low maintenance cost.

 These characteristics make the twin-speed  winch in mining development to show its skills, widely loved by developers.

 The second winch to be introduced is a new  type of endless rope winch. The endless rope haulage winch is one of the  auxiliary haulage equipments in mines. It can realize the haulage function of  underground working equipments by using the wire rope reciprocating work.  Because of its advantages of convenient installation, simple operation, less  investment, low cost, long transportation distance and continuity of  transportation, it plays a very important role in coal mine production as the  main or auxiliary transport equipment. 

 The structure of endless rope transport  winch is composed of motor, coupling, electro-hydraulic brake, transmission,  manual brake, drum device and base. The base is welded by channel steel. The  motor, transmission and drum device are fixed on the base through bolt  connection. The brake steel belts of the left and right two manual brakes hold  brake wheel and internal gear respectively, and brake handle and brake base are  welded on the base. When working, the motor transfers power to the transmission  through the coupling. The output gear of the transmission engages with the  large ring gear on the drum to drive the operation of the drum.

 The endless rope winch has the following  structural characteristics: (1) The whole machine has reasonable layout, novel  and compact structure, small volume, less occupied area, and the direction of  power input is vertical to the drum shaft. It can realize two-way operation,  continuous transportation, long transportation distance and high efficiency.  (2) The winch adopts a new type of transmission with originality. Change gear  meshing transmission, transmission efficiency is high. It is a new type, high  efficiency, high speed ratio and high load capacity deceleration device. (3)  Manual braking function has been added, and its safety and reliability have  been greatly improved. As the brake force decreases, the brake band force  decreases, wear decreases and service life prolongs. Brake brake handle device  is located at the end of winch, which is easy to operate. (4) The drum  structure is symmetrical, supported on the drum shaft by a pair of  self-aligning roller bearings. The supporting effect is good, the supporting  stiffness is high, and the operation is stable. It can reduce the technological  links, save materials and reduce costs.

 The two winches mentioned above have their  own characteristics, but they both have excellent performance in cost saving  and convenient operation. Calling a winch has become an indispensable part of  our daily mining production.



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