What is a Drywall Lift and how much do you know it?

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What is a  drywall lift? Drywall lift is a useful tool which raises panels through a  hydraulic or mechanical process, allowing just one person to do a ceiling. Upon  most occasions, you’ll need another person to help you with the process, which  can make a drywall lift one of the most important pieces of equipment you own  if you’re planning on doing a truly massive DIY project by yourself.

 Most home  owners are best off investing in a mechanical lift, which can make all the  difference when it comes to ease of installation. They’re actually quite  affordable as well, running no more than a good screw gun or saw.
 Frankly, if  you’re working with very heavy sheetrock panels, there’s no way to do it  without a lift or a bunch of friends. Normally ceilings are lined with at least  5/8” panels, and they end up weighing quite a bit at the end of the day. More  than a couple of people could hold and safely place anyways.

 In addition,  many lifts can also help you with hanging panels on the wall by allowing a tilt  and then holding it in place.

 Essentially if  you’re hanging drywall a lift is designed to help you get it done  with minimal effort.

 Apparatus for  lifting and transporting drywall panels on a lift platform has a pair of  panel-supporting legs of square metal tubing attachable to side rails of a lift  platform. Each of the legs is connected to the rails by an upper clamp at the  top of the leg and a lower clamp at a middle location. A panel-receiving  U-shaped channel is located on the opposite side of the leg, away from the  rails. The lower clamp has a standoff member included in its connection to the  leg, which serves to project the bottom of the legs outward at an angle.  Rollers at the top and bottom of the legs provide low-friction rolling contact  for weight bearing surfaces, and other rollers are placed to keep panels away  from contacting the legs or other surfaces.

 Drywall lifts are a pretty essential part of  the whole process. If you’re getting serious about your work you need a  lift.

 A lift can make the often arduous procedure of  installing a ceiling a snap, and if you’re working with ceilings higher than  the standard eight feet, there’s no real way around making sure that you have  one. 

 DL11 is a fantastic, budget priced lift that’s  perfect for the home DIY specialist. The welded-steel frame lends it  an impressive lift capacity of 150lbs and it can handle sheets  of up to 4’x16’.

This is a standard, cranking lift which will help you make  pretty short work of most tasks within the home. It can easily place  ceiling panels up to eleven feet and if you’re working in a high room  you’ll be able to get a maximum of fifteen feet out of this one.

 All of this is done with a simple winch system with a  brake which will make things quite easy for you, but not as easy as some of the  more advanced lifts on the market.

Overall, the Troy DL11 is probably the best drywall lift  for the novice drywall worker on a budget.

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