An example of safety recall drywall lift

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In  2016, a collective recall of the Drywall Lift happened, so people should pay  more attention to the use of Drywall Lift, everything should be cautious, Let's  take a look at the article. 

 On  2016.4.20 the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) published a recall  regarding the Drywall Lift sold by YTL International Inc. 

 This  product was sold by Lowe’s, Menards, Orgill and TSC Stores in Canada from  January 2013 through January 2016 for about $250. 

 About  17,000 units are involved in this recall in the U.S.A (in addition, 2,700 were  sold in Canada) 

 Learn  more, and what to do if you own it. 

 The  drywall lift that is being recalled looks like the image above:  it will bear one of the following trademarks  or markings printed onto the red metal frame from January 2013 to January  2016:  If your product does not bear one  these markings, it is not under recall. 

 1.PERFORMANCE  BUILT sold at Lowes and TSC Canada 

 2.MUD  BOSS sold at Menards 

 3.150  LB. DRYWALL PANEL HOIST sold at various small home centers under the VULCAN  Brand

What  is the problem?

 The  drywall lifts can fail during use causing an elevated load of drywall to fall  onto the lift operator, posing an injury hazard.  

 What  action should I take?

 First,  stop using the product immediately. 

 For a full refund of the product, enter your name, address and brand in the fields  below, and submit.

 It  is hoped that all the above goods have been recalled, and that no one has been  injured as a result. Before you buy and use Drywall Lift, you should carefully  check the device.

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