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In 1972, Telpro manufactured the world's best dry-wall elevator in Grand Forks, North Dakota. Among all modesty, they define standards, which everyone wants them to match.

 Ramhoist Panel lift brand dry wall elevator design created and shaped this product category many years ago, which are similar to Telpro, the quality, performance and reliability of our equipment is good. We are not the cheapest. It will never be our goal. Our goal is always to ensure that we provide the best manufacturing quality, matching with real design innovation, so that reliable production equipment can last for many years.

 If you want to own a gypsum board elevator, Ramhoist Panel Lift brand is what you want. The 150-pound area on your head is not suitable for a disposable lift. 

 This Sturdy and stable drywall panel lift lets you lift drywall and sheetrock without assistance. The sturdy welded steel construction holds single drywall panels up to 150 lbs. and lifts up to 11 ft. 5 in. The drywall panel lift features an automatic load holding brake for safety, an extendable tripod base for stability and  smooth-rolling non-marring rubber casters that easily lock in place.

 Sturdy welded steel construction

 Automatic load holding brake for safety

 Cradle tilts for easy loading

 Extendable tripod base for stability

 Holds single panel up to 150 lbs.

 Smooth-rolling, non-marring casters lock in place

 Overweight Item subject to 14.95 additional Freight Charge.

 You should particularly look at our new Commercial Grade manual chain drive unit. It was designed to stand the rigors of life as a rental unit and carries a 1 year limited warranty on the drive train lift components making it the perfect unit for heavy commercial use.

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