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Disclaimer: RAMHOIST first support our readers through thousands of hours of research to help you find china drywall lift that suit your needs and make your life easier. 

 Hanging plasterboards or plasterboards can be a tough job, especially when you're doing ceilings or high walls.
 One way is to buy dry-walled stilts. But if you work in places with high ceilings, they may not be enough.
 If you have limited help or need to do this on your own instead of using gypsum, you definitely need to do one thing: drywall elevators/cranes.
 The gypsum board elevator allows a person to lift a gypsum board up to 4ft x 16ft in size without help. DL11 can be used to elevate the panel to a maximum height of 11 feet to connect to a horizontal ceiling or inclined ceiling or sidewall (the elevator bracket is inclined).
 Forty years later, it is still the best built, easiest to operate and most durable cable-driven elevator available. When we say "copy carefully", we are not kidding. China super design and manufacturing make the Drywall panel elevator a clear choice if you don't want to buy disposable equipment.
 Easy to use
 Great tools

 This impressive lift has a low loading height, only 34 inches. Large 5-inch casters make transport over even rough and unfinished floors smooth and easy.

 Well done for my basement ceiling! It's easy to assemble and I can hang 4 x 8 gypsum boards alone!

 Plus, the single-stage winch and cam-lock brake give you precise control over raising and lowering. This is a smooth, safe, and efficient piece of equipment that you can rely on to perform.

 Powerful enough to hold 150 pounds of drywall to an 11-foot ceiling but able to fit into the trunk of your car, this drywall lift is perfect for just about anyone. It’s an investment that will last a long time.

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