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This China Drywall lift has a sturdy steel frame that’s built to last. The wide tripod base helps the system stay balanced so you can lift drywall to the walls or ceiling to get the job done in no time. There’s an extender available, too, so you can really use this tool if you need to do a job that’s really high.

If you have a home drywall job or 2 that you want to complete with little or no assistance, this drywall lift made in china can really help make your work go fast. Plus, there’s an optional extended available if you need more height.
The Good Forged from heavy duty steel for durability,easy to assemble, extender is available for additional height, reasonabl priced.
 Not so Good
 Wheels can be hard to steer, loading height is a little high, black tips can leave scuffs on walls, packaging sometimes arrives a little beat up.


 The ramhoist Drywall Lift has durable, all welded steel construction.Rubberized feet and a backstop kee it from moving once you have it in the right position. There are support hooks to keep the drywall in position during placement,too. It tilts for use with sloped ceilings and the telescoping arms are easy to adjust for even gigantic sheets of 16-foot drywall.
 DL11 is an affordable, durable choice for DIY projects around the house. It’s versatile fits in the trunk of your car, and even comes with a 1-year warranty.
 The Good
 All welded steel construction with tool-free assembly and teardown, comes with a 1 year warranty,breaks down small enough to fit in the trunk of a car,support hooks to keep drywall positioned perfectly.
 No so Good
 Slight drops can occur when lifting, instructions unclear, not a good fit for jobs in narrow hallways or other small spaces, not commercial quality.

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