Manual Floor Cranes

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Manual Floor cranes are designed for rising, lowering and transporting automobile engines and other loads, which are integrate hydraulic ram delivering a heavy pushing force to get very close to the load. The most obvious feature of manual floor cranes is that they are foldable easily. Both reconditioned manual floor crane and rebuilt manual floor crane are available in china market.


• Simple and convenient to operate with manual push and excellent performance

• Safe, reliable, smart and easy for storage with high quality material

• Small weight and dimension with compact but heavy duty structure

• Hassle-free with hydraulic hand pump adjustable and lockable telescopic boom

• High  flexibility, maximum mobility and versatility with high efficiency

• With relief valve and adjustable legs for accommodating bigger loads

• Conforms to the high standards and safety certificates with duly testing

• More productive than traditional trucks to lift a wide variety of material and heavy loads

• Sturdy construction, excellent functionality with longer service life but low cost

• Space-saving, economical with unique design and great appearance

• Adapt to any direction and high height, especially confined spaces and restricted  areas

• Consist of sturdy, heavy gauge steel for hard construction

• Ideal for moving, repair, maintenance and assembly of heavy goods

• Provide with various capacities and lift heights for customers’ convenient operation

• Being short in length with a small turning radius and no counter weighs required

• Unique wheel construction with swivel castors for great stability and easy rolling

• Stainless steel and custom models are available

Capacity                                                         0.5Ton-5Ton
Material                                                          Steel
Type                                                                Fixed, folding and others
Usage                                                             Lifting goods
Condition                                                       New
Standard or not standard                             Standard          
Size                                                                Various or according to customer design
Main girder form                                           Single, double girder and other forms
Application                                                    Workshop usage
Sling type                                                      Chain or rope
Power source                                                Hand chain
Installation                                                    Assembled
Moving type                                                  Wheel
HS code                                                         8426193000
Package                                                        Carton
Color                                                             Yellow, red, orange or as customer's requirements


           Manual Floor cranes are designed for rising, lowering and transporting automobile engines and other loads, which are integrate hydraulic ram delivering a heavy pushing force to get very close to the load. The most obvious feature of manual floor cranes is that they are foldable easily; even they can be folded up and down within several seconds, which allow them to be stored in the garage without taking too much space. Besides, with the 360 degree rotating wheels and 4 position telescopic arms, manual floor cranes have great flexibility and excellent performance.

           Due to their four high quality caster wheels and the design for heavy duty lifting, they have excellent mobility and they are very easy to assemble, so it is highly recommended for anyone who wants to pull a standard sized engine. The shop cranes’ heights are ranging from floor level to a large scale and, when folded, the floor crane is completely mobile on its 4 wheels. Manual floor cranes are featured with a completely self-contained hydraulic system with a single-action manual pump.

           As highly maneuverable material handling equipment, manual floor cranes are often seen as safer, smaller and less expensive alternatives to conventional fork lifts, which can reduce or eliminate the need for motorized lift trucks. Thanks to the welded frames, they are very strong and durable which can adjust for almost any lifting job you can throw at it. What’s more, They are equipped with extendable multi-position boom that provides more horizontal and vertical reach. All cranes are made individually and the design can be subject to change according to customers’ required specification.

          Manual floor cranes are widely applied for lifting, removing, installing and transmitting the heaviest, highest and most awkward loads and components such as diesel engines, machinery in any part of shops, warehouses and small, crowded vehicle engine compartments. Also, shop cranes can help eliminate many backbreaking activities while easily navigating standard door openings, narrow aisles and elevators. Equipped with the unique self-balancing cradle, manual floor cranes are ideal for sitting the user up and lying down with minimal handling.

           They are also called hydraulic engine crane, Folding Engine Crane, Folding shop crane, fixed shop crane, manual hydraulic cranes, Manual Folding Shop Crane, light duty floor cranes, telescopic floor cranes, floor hoists, mobile floor cranes, foldable manual hydraulic shop cranes, hydraulic movable shop cranes, foldable hydraulic floor cranes, folding mobile cranes, workshop floor cranes, foldable hydraulic engine crane hoist lifts, heavy duty commercial floor cranes, portable cranes, mobile foldaway floor crane, economy engine hoists, straddle style floor cranes, counter balance floor cranes, manual jib cranes and mobile-floor-jib-cranes, manual hydraulic floor crane, manual push floor crane.

            There are 1T Foldable Engine Crane, 1T Fixed Engine Crane, 2T Foldable Engine Crane, 2T Fixed Engine Crane, 3T Foldable Engine Crane, 3T Fixed Engine Crane, European Engine Crane.

Manual floor cranes3-3.jpg

Detailed Description

1. CasterFront  casterRear caster
         Wheels made of white virgin nylon with rigid swivel are equipped with double ball bearings and  various diameters of wheels are available. Front two wheels are mounted on turn-table device and rear two wheels are with fixed castor. They are painted with oil-grease and dirt-resistant and heavy duty steel casters for easy positioning. Front casters include a safety brake to prevent movement. Steel construction can roll easily on two-swivel casters for fast placement anywhere on your floor. Six caster wheels made from robust cast steel and sturdy construction make maneuvering and positioning more stable, safer and easy for rolling. They can adjust for wide clearance and one front wheel caster aids are available in movement. It is specifically designed for heavy duty lifting and has excellent mobility due to its high quality caster wheels.

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Manual floor cranes6-7.jpg

2. Basechassis
         The telescopic base made from heavy duty material offers maximum stability and rolls easily on 2 swivel, 2 rigid double ball bearing swivel casters, which can be assembled easily. However, if the base cannot be cetered under the load, boom will swivel 10 degrees right or left. The chassis shaped will be strengthen at requisite points by means of gusset plates and the work to be lifted can be accomodated within the frame itself.

Manual Floor Crane China supplier1-4.jpg

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3. Leg extensionslegsoutriggerlegs
         They are equipped with four adjustable low-profile legs providing greater stability, clearing obstacles, telescoping boom for extra reach, which function to swing out to accommodate bigger loads. Boom collapses and legs fold are designed for compact storage, they can be easily folded for quick and easy transport. Both rigid parallel legs stainless steel options and knock-down fixed leg are available.Adjustable legs that multiple boom positions and leg extensions ranging from a wide scale provide maximum stability.

Manual Floor Crane China supplier1-5.jpg

4. Piston ram
           It is treated and polished to resist skiving.
5.  Uprightvertical mast
         Durable frame is constructed of high-grade steel and built to exacting standards for high quality and durability.

Manual Floor Crane China supplier1-6.jpg

6.  Hydraulic unit
            Manual Floor Crane features a completely self-contained hydraulic system with a single-action manual pump.
           The premium larger manual hydraulic lifting  cylinder unit is standard with extendable 3 position boom capacity, which  requires lower oil pressure to move the load and reduces wear so that extend using lifespan. Cylinder with Hard-Chrome plated piston, which is actuated by 1 No. hydraulic hand operated pump is inclined mounted and honed.

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7.  Support strut
         The equipment provides a good level of support for both the users and carers when making regular transfers.There are two styles: mobile floor cranes with front support legs and counter balance floor cranes which allow the crane to get very close to the load.

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8. Chain assemblyhook assembly
         Manual Floor Crane are equipped with sturdy and adjustable load chain with heavy duty swivel hook added with safety catch.

Manual Floor Crane China supplier1-9.jpg

9. Boom extensions
         There are 3 boom extension positions available. Besides, the telescoping boom extensions with large range of capacity give additional /extra reach to pull engine from vehicles. The boom on this crane telescopes is to adjust for different and difficult heights and weights. Boom collapses and legs fold are designed for compact storage.

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10.  Anti-slip grip handle bar
         The design of the handle bar is aimed at preventing the sudden slip.

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11. Handle
           Pump handle is installed at convenient waist height and the main chassis is always fitted with the handle for easy and quick operation.
12. Floor lock
           It secures cranes from moving when in  use.
13. Valve
           Manual Floor Crane are equipped with hydraulic overload relief valve to  prevent the overload and with needle type release valve; they can be able to permit pin-point control over lowering and holding of the heaviest or lightest loads.
14. Hand  pump
           The “T” manual hand pump is designed load lifting and control
15. Bolt

Manual Floor Crane China supplier1-12.jpg

           Manual floor cranes are specially designed so that it can be fully taken apart, quickly and easily broken down in to component parts that can be carried by people to another location, reassembled ready for use in a short period of time. The component parts briefly consist of the following: all pins and connectors are quick release, all hydraulic connectors are quick release, 2  x forward facing stability legs, hydraulic lifting cylinder, vertical mast, horizontal jib arms, jib arm extension and lifting hook, etc.

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Manual floor cranes manufacturers1-1.jpg

Manual floor cranes manufacturers1-2.jpg

           1. Power Up / Power Down option eliminates the manual hydraulic system entirely.
           2. Adjustable bumpers restrict crane from running into objects.
           3. End effectors offer pinpoint powered adjustment.
           4. Floor lock also known as floor Brakes are ideal for uneven floors keeping your crane in place and avoiding unwanted travel.
           5. Power Packs that eliminate hand pumping and can be ordered with many floor or truck cranes.
           6. Push-button operation speeds up lifting greatly.
           7. Full remote or pendant control for power pack
           8. There are many other parts such as side-shifter, swivel boom with limited travel, manual or powered winch, power assist travel module, non-marking solid elastomer wheels, hydraulic brake, adjustable hydraulic flow control valve.

There are two packages for 1 set of manual floor crane (Engine Crane or shop crane)

Packing of Manual floor crane-1.jpg

Packing of Manual floor crane-2.jpg

There are three capacities of manual floor crane (Engine Crane or shop crane)

1 ton Manual Floor Cranes (shop crane)-4.jpg

1 ton Manual Floor Cranes (shop crane)-3.jpg

2 ton Manual Floor Cranes (shop crane)-2.jpg2 ton Manual Floor Cranes (shop crane)-4.jpg

2 ton Manual Floor Cranes (shop crane)-3.jpg

Inquiry for 3T Manual Floor Cranes from Algeria

Hydraulic Portable Floor Crane from Pakistan

Price list of Manual Floor Cranes 2ton and 3ton

           1. Painting
           One coat of primer and two coats of auto-finish paint. The Manual Floor Crane are always painted with lead-free to ensure a long-lasting finish and prevent corrosion. With solid premium steel construction and oil, grease, dirt resistant paint, it is durable and easy to clean. It also includes a foot activated air/hydraulic foot pump.
           2. Advantages
           Shop cranes make it simple to extract any car's engine and thereby work on refitting it without the cramped conditions experienced when an engine is still inside an autos body.                       
           3. Other types
           A. Fixed  type
            The fixed type is with single girder with fixed column/legs. Those cranes are very suitable for moving, repair, maintenance, assembly and loading and unloading jobs into trucks or other areas, where the legs can be easily moved, especially for larger vehicles such as land rovers, vans as well as cars. For example, they can remove pins to fully dismantle and transport in the boot of a car.

Manual Floor Crane China supplier1-13.jpg

B.  Reverse style
         Reverse style can be effective to avoid obstacles that could be a problem for straddle leg units and provide easy access to wide loads.

Manual Floor Crane China supplier1-14.jpg

C. Straddle style---standard series
           This type is economical and they are always built-in extendable boom with multiple positions for 
           more reach and height. Legs are fixed position and stainless steel versions are readily available.

Manual Floor Crane China supplier1-15.jpg

D. Pivot boom style
         These hydraulic floor cranes have an outrigger boom which swings 90° with the load.

Manual Floor Crane China supplier1-16.jpg

Technical info

Technical parameters of Manual floor crane (Engine Crane or shop crane).jpg


Max. Lifting Loading
Working Range of Boom 
Pump Capacity
Packing Size
Net weight
20'ft container
(Height of Crane)
(Length    of frame)
(Max.    Lifting height) 
(Length    of Boom) 
(Extension    ) 
1 Ton
Foldable or Fixed
0.8 ton
5 ton
138*28*18cm+                75*54*8cm
45kg   +       13kg
2 Ton
Foldable or Fixed
1.3 ton
8 ton
140*30*19cm  +        73*52*11cm
46kg     +       14kg
3 Ton
2.5 ton
12 ton
200*30*20cm  +          85*68*23cm
52kg   +        18kg

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