Single Girder Overhead Cranes

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Single girder overhead cranes are light small lifting overhead cranes or bridge cranes with two-side connection/both ends in the cement column or metal bracket shaped like a bridge, which suspended from the workshop, warehouse etc and travel under I-section or H-section steel beams. Please contact us for Single girder overhead crane design and Single girder overhead crane parts.


• Designed with more reasonable and reliable structure, higher strength steel as a whole

• Small dimension, light  weight, dependable and optimum performance and no pollution

• Easy handling and operation, little noise, few faults and highly improved cost-effectiveness

• Energy-conservation, environment protection, low maintenance and higher working efficiency

• Small and light wheel load, low-sway load is controlled and positioned  easily and exactly

• Low consumption of power reduces the costs, and excellent exchange ability for components

• Safe, powerful,  reliable, durable and affordable, longer utility life-span, and service life

• Favourable travel characteristics and minimum wear of crane runway and travel wheels

• Travel limit switches which reduces harmful loading on end stops and unnecessary load swing

• Wide selection of operational speeds, to highly meet customers’ different  requirements

• Designed in accordance with international standard, DIN, FEM, ISO and conform to JB/T1306-94

• One year warranty is the most  important commitment, which we can provide to our customers

• Sub-assembly characteristic are tested before assembly, providing absolute safe to workers

• Optimised headroom via  main girder connection variants make the operation become compact

Capacity                                 1Ton-20Ton
Span                                       7.5-31.5m
Standard  Lift                         6 m
Use                                         Lifting Up/Down, Traversing  Left/Right
Drive Mode                           Motor
Class  Insulation                   F
Working Class                      A3-A5  
Work Moisture                    <85%
Sling Type                            Wire Rope or Chain
Operation                            Pendant control, remote control  or cabin control (driver's room, open or closed type)
Contact Continuity             40%ED
Power Supply                      220v-660v, 50/60 Hz, 3 phase,  single or dual voltage
Ambient Temperature       -20~40℃
Control Voltage                  24v, 36v, 42v, 48v, 110v
Crane Driving                     IP55
H.S. Code                           84261120
Package                             Plywood case (girder and end truck are packed by  rain-proof plastic, electric hoist and all other things are packed by firm  wooden case or crates and plywood cases)


            Single girder overhead cranes are light small lifting overhead cranes or  bridge cranes with two-side connection/both ends in the cement column or metal  bracket shaped like a bridge, which suspended from the workshop, warehouse etc and  travel under I-section or H-section steel beams. The bridge is laid along the track on both  sides of the viaduct, so that they can make full use of the space under the bridge  to lift the material without the hindrance of the ground equipment. Single  girder overhead cranes consist of main bridge girder (single), end truck,  electric hoist and electric system to help move heavy loads for 3  directions: Up-Down, Left-Right, Forward-Backward. Single  girder overhead cranes are designed to assist with a wide range of  lifting tasks and moving operations which will contribute to your daily  productivity and overall success and proved to be a powerful and reliable  solution for assorted industries while serving multiple applications in a  diverse set of environments. They are the most popular, pragmatic and  cost efficient lifting cranes (light duty track traveling crane).

           The main role of single girder overhead cranes is timely and safely complete the object  displacement by intermittent and cycle work, with electric trolley or other  means of lift devices such as grab or electromagnet. They are important tools and equipments for  material handling to achieve mechanization and automation. They  also have the functions of reducingthe burden on workers  during modern industrial production process, improving labor productivity and efficiency, saving the cost of the workshop. Besides, they have become indispensable lifting  production to a certain extent and suit the tailor-made requirements of  customers.

           Using high-quality components can  reduce failure rate and maintenance costs. The system benefits from a travelling motor gear box  ensuring that the motor starts quietly and smoothly whilst offering 1 or 2  travelling speeds and variable travelling speeds. Latching devices allow direct transfer of the  hoist trolley between the crane and a suspension monorail, flexible connections  between the crane girder and end carriages enable single-girder cranes to  operate on tracts that are not parallel. There are also top running end-carriages that  feature direct drive wheels, rubber buffers and the end carriages are fastened  with a plate bolted onto the girder. Lifting mechanism,  trolley and crane can be controlled independently and work synchronously or individually. Various parameters tested to ensure strong  construction, smooth operation and high load bearing capacity. Besides,  safe slide wire/cable provides high conductivity  and small voltage drop power, current collector slide speed is swift.

           Our single  girder overhead cranes also come standard with travel  limit switches,  they feature maximum rigidity and minimum deadweight. This maximizes crane  runway loading and enables a more cost-effective building design and overall  system solution. And environment which requires  special used crane instead. Ramhoist crane packages are pre-engineered,  complete crane component packages utilizing cutting edge  technology. Plug-in cabling and bolted structural connections simplify  assembly. What’s more, there are normal headroom (general type, also  called LD type) and low headroom (European type) for both Top Running Single  Girder Cranes and Under Running Single Girder Cranes.

           Due to their various main girder connection variant, the single girder overhead cranes are applicable to transfer, assembly, check and repair as well as load and unload various materials  in the various indoor and outdoor environment such as factory, plant, warehouse, stockyard, mine, machinery manufacturing, concrete industry, assembly repair,  production workshop, garage, metallurgical steelmaking field, petroleum,  petrochemicals, ship building, electric power, paper making, railway  transportation construction field, civil aviation, port/harbor and logistics  turnover etc, especially for the applications that require precise positioning  of the material handing, large parts and precision assembly, even in buildings  with low ceilings. However, this type of single girder overhead cranes are  banned to be used in some dangerous environment, such as, combustible/  flammable, explosive, or corrosive gas

           Single girder overhead cranes also named single girder overhead travelling crane, single girder electric overhead crane,single-girder  overhead travelling cranes, single girder bridge cranes, single bridge cranes, single beam cranes, single beam overhead cranes, single beam bridge cranes, single girder crane, single girder suspension  bridge cranes, single beam hung cranes, warehouse single girder  hanging overhead cranes, warehouse single beam cranes, single girder hanging bridge cranes, single girder EOT cranes, single girder electric cranes, single beam EOT cranes. There are Top running Single girder overhead crane and underhung Single girder overhead crane, and manual single girder overhead crane is also available, of which the Top running Single girder overhead crane is most favoured by customers. Pls download below Single girder overhead crane for Single girder overhead crane Single girder overhead crane specifications and Single girder overhead crane dimensions, Single girder overhead crane price will be sent to you after design, 10 ton single girder overhead crane and single girder overhead crane 5 ton is best sold.



Detailed Description

1. Bridge Girder | Main Girder
           Horizontal  beam of the crane bridge for hoist traversing is linked and supported by the  end trucks.The frame of crane beam is either no-weld U-shape  for general type (normal headroom) with one stop molding rolled beams  and channels, or square box frame for europen type (low headroom) with rolled  section (enclosed computer-optimised box-section), torsion resistant welded  diaphragm plate for reinforced connection and have non-destructive test. Both are simplified open kind design and with tight,  robust, solid, rational and high strength/rigidity structure by Q235 or Q345  steel plate (similar with foreign steel plate Fe3 or Fe52)  and with advanced technology, outstanding design, auto production, best grade  and premium material which pass shot blasting ensures high efficiency and low  noise operations. Low deadweight reduces investment layout, it has smaller body  to get more lifting space and optimal/best use of the room under the bridge.
         European type is different structure and main girder is  box type. The advantages are reducing itself height, to some extent increasing  the crane lifting height, while general type means the main girder is normal  U-shape.

image005.png          image007.png
           European  type                                    General type

2.Bolting  and Welding
           Main girder and end girder adopts bolted connection to ensure strength,  they are manufactured under the guidance of our experts who strictly follow the  norms of industry at every stage and use modern machines and crane buffer block  is included.
           In view of important welding seam and stress is more  than tension weld of 70% allowance stress, conducting fault detection check and  take out 5% weld length by ultrasonic test. Inspection report provided to user.


         All steel  is treated by sand blasting before doing paintings, there are 3 layers of  paintings and the bottom layer is epoxy zinc painting to prevent from rusting.It has beautiful outlook and lustre  for a long service life after Primer and finishing painting. Color is according to your demands and average thickness is about 100 microns  and should be average on surface.


4.Electric  Hoists
           They are the lifting mechanisms/components of the cranes with  single or double lifting speed of normal headroom or low headroom  (close headroom/short headroom) designed to maximize available height (vertical  clearance) and assure maximum hook travel as well as they also minimize the  beam-to-hook distance, which all travels along the bridge. 
           The hoists are mounted on the main  girder for crane lifting, there are two basic types of hoists. One is wire rope  hoist which is very durable and will provide long term, reliable usage, and the  other type is chain hoist which used for lower capacity, lighter duty  applications and for projects in which cost is a primary deciding factor.
           For wire rope hoist, there are CD1  model, MD1 model, HC model, Europe type electric hoist, variable frequency  drives on both hoist and trolley is available, in china, with CD1 and MD1  electric hoist also called LD type single girder overhead crane which is the  most popular crane in developing countries since it is much cheaper than with Europe  mode hoist.
         The trolley and crane adopt three-trinity driving mechanism, frequency stepless speed regulating, hard-tooth surface, disc brake.  Main traveling mechanism adopts soft start cage motor. Shrouded DSL system for trolley power feeding,  smooth and quiet operation. Its traveling speed can be designed dual-speed and  frequency control or other types of speed.


         The cross and long traveling motor with thermal  protection and currency protection, has soft start function, and motor  protection class is IP54. It is F class insulation and equipped with overload  protection equipment. (optional)


6.Overload Protection/Load-limiting Device/ Overload Limiter
           If the material is over the capacity, the crane will give  a sharp warning for protection itself.

7.Emergency Brake
           If the operation staff encounter some emergency  situation, we could start the emergency brake/stop system to protection the  related treasure.

8.Electric protection
           The electric protection consist of short circuit  protection, circuit self-check protector, lose phase protection, phase  control relay, circuit flow phase lack protection, low-voltage  protection, power failure protection, over current protection, thermal  protection of electric motors, sound and light signaling/alarm devices/ siren  light. All these protections have the same function of making sure our products’  safety and security.

9.End Trucks | End Carriages | End  Beams
           Located on either side of the span in  cement column or metal bracket, the end trucks with gear motors house the  wheels on which the entire crane travels. There are two sets of end trucks and  gearboxes for one set of single girder overhead crane, specially designed  gearbox adopts oblique gears and self lubrication.
           European type: End beam is a  tubular type, adopt good quality parts. Especially European wheel group is a  key component of such parts.
           General type: General crane end  beam by splicing.

image017.jpg         image019.jpg
                European type                      General  type

10.Limit Switch
         Our single girder overhead cranes equipped with many  different limit switches, like mechanical limit switch, two-position switches  for hook lifting and lowering mechanisms, cross bar limit switches which  include height limit, rail end stop limit for traveling and long traveling  limit switch.

           These wheels travel on the runway  beam allowing access to the entire length of the bay.
           Wheels of highly wear-resistant  spheroidal-graphite cast iron include wheel bearing, wheel, bearing box, and  bearing. The material is ZG430-640 high strength cast steel, 60#, 65Mn, 42CrMo,  45# or according to your demands.



         Bearing is deep groove ball bearing  and bearing friction coefficient is small, high speed limit. It is an important  part in wheel. Bridge crane wheel assembly are technically advanced and  successfully used in different industries.


         High-quality shaft is an essential  component of end trucks’ wheels.


           Inverter from famous brand such as ABB  can make lifting and traveling in any speed you want specifically for your  work.

15.Electric control box
         Standard is CHINT, Shihlin, Schneider,  Yaskawa. ABB electric elements and the protective grade of electric  control box shall not less than IP54-- insulation class is normally IP55,  movable control box that moves along the crane and is independent from the  hoist. Control stick could be connected with trolley, freely move on main  girder separately and can also control the travelling speed according to the  different depth of buttons.


16.Nonpolar speed  adjustment control
          Nonpolar speed adjustment control (Electric contactless module speed regulation controlling  for travelling) which result in stable travelling and small sway of crane. Radio  control and predicative maintenance device options available. Optional radio  control with power and signal transmission via energy chain system, it with  display and proportional pushbuttons.

         One electric festoon system running  the length of the bridge beam. Power supply to the crab by means of highly  flexible flat cable with protective earth conductor. Cable is hung on the coil  holder for hoist power supply, normal we equipped flat type cable, also have  explosion-proof type.


18.Pendant Control
         Pendant control and cable with  quick-connect plug, and control pendant suspended for separate travel on the  crane girder with display for installation monitoring.


         High quality hook can completely make the load assignments become more safe and  reliable.


20.Control Panel
         Control panel with variable  frequency drives for both bridge and trolley, is sealed and IP 55 protected  which has 3 optional: cabin with joystick panel, wireless control panel or  pendent control panel.

           There are full field of view cabin  suspend under the main girder. There are joint control desk or single control  box packed within the cabin, assemble the sidelong ladder between the  cabin and moving table.


           People without driving license or  after drinking shall not be allowed to operate and the operation must be  focused, not talking, smoking or doing anything unrelated, the crane is not  allowed to use overload.

2.Maintenance Precautions
           First, need to regulate the  operation, certificate posts; Second, regular maintenance, add lubricants, to  ensure that the machine can be normal, safe operation; Third, to comply with  the “ten hanging” criteria, prohibit overload and to lift people. Through the  normal operation of the crane, reasonable maintenance, can reduce the crane  failure, to ensure the normal operation of the machine and extend the service  life.

3.Two Different types

  ①Top Running Single Girder Cranes | Top Rider Single Girder | Single Girder  Top Running Overhead Cranes | Top Running Bridge | Single Girder Top Running  Bridge Crane (SGTR)

The top riding single girder cranes  are similar to the top rider double girder crane. Top running overhead cranes are  much heavier than under hung equipment. For top-running systems, the end trucks  are supported on rails, which are attached to the top of the crane runway.  Besides, as the best and efficient lifting solution in large coverage facility,  top running overhead crane or bridge crane can be designed in both single girder, double or  box girder, there are enough options to suit your demands.


   ②Under Running Single Girder Cranes | Underhung Bridge Cranes | Single  Girder Motorized Underhung Cranes | Underhung motorized bridge cranes |  Underhung hoist overhead crane | Single Girder Underhung Bridge Crane (SGUH)

Under Running Single Girder Cranes  offer excellent side approach and are the excellent choice applying to works  and storehouses where it is ≥100 mm height between the rail surface and the  rafter of roof truss.




4.European type overhead crane VS General type overhead  crane
           European type equipped with low  headroom hoist/trolley and more advanced on structure design. Compared with general type overhead crane,  the limiting distance is minimum from hook to wall, and headroom is the lowest  and minimum, which makes cranes work more close to the front. The net height is lowest, can maximum the lift height and highest  possible hook position can be achieved, which increases effective  working space of workplace. European single girder overhead crane is  compact lifting machinery designed and manufacturing in the strict according  with FEM, DIN and ICE standard. Compared with general overhead crane  (bridge crane), the weight is reduced by about 15-30% of common crane, max  wheel pressure is reduced by about 10-30%. Lifting height is reduced by  about 20%-25%, and hook limit is smaller so the working space is bigger.
           Optimum utilisation of the available height  and space thanks to compact travelling hoist design and large hook path, thus  reduce construction and operating costs. The crane is very expedient equipment  for material handling in little production divisions and where there headroom  is very low.

5.Low-energy & free-maintenance
           With German motor, the total power can be  20% lower than normal crane, save energy. Composite transmission mechanism has  less mid device, the efficiency can be higher. Frequency control speed, the can  be low-high speed 1:10, which will improve the working efficiency with more  than 20%. Free maintenance and easy maintenance design will reduce the maintenance  cost for you. Components which are imported from abroad, the break down rate is  very low and will reduce your cost when using the crane.

           Safety monitor, which is called the crane  black box, it will record every operating.
           Electrical anti-swaying system, which can  help the crane working with precise position control.

Technical info



Lifting Capacity (t)
Span (m)
Overhead Crane Travelling Mechanism
Travelling Speed(m/min)
Reducer Ratio
Rotation (m/min)
Lifting Mechanism
Electric Hoist Model
(Electric Hoist)    & Electric Hoist                         Travelling Mechanism
Lifting Speed (m/min)
8,8/0.8 7,7/0.7
3.5 3.5/0.35
Lifting Height (m)
6 ,9 ,12, 18, 24, 30
Travelling Speed (m/min)
20    (30)
20    (30)
Taper Squirrel-cage type
Taper Squirrel-cage type
Work Duty
Power Supply
380V 50HZ three phase or according to your requirements
Wheel    Diameter (mm)
Width of Trail (mm)


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