Single Girder Gantry Cranes

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Single Girder Gantry Cranes are used for material handling (loading, unloading or grabbing materials) processes in small production units and operated on floor mounted rails. The head room of single girder gantry cranes is normal or low and these can be fitted in different floor areas. Single girder gantry crane design will be sent to you after knowing your actual situation.


• Simple, reasonable and compact structure, light weight and space-saving

• Easy, convenient, quick installation and maintenance, excellent exchangeability for parts

• Steady and smooth, safe and reliable traveling, smooth starting and stopping

• Low noise, commodious cabin and good view, favorable and versatile operating performance

• Ideal supplement to bridge cranes but lower the investment on structure and space

• Single speed or dual speed, large room to cross for goods supplied due to the shape of legs

• Equipped with overloading protection, loading and unloading with easy in production Line.

• Security system and anti-swaying technology which make the crane become more secure

• Emergency stop and current overload protection system provide more safety to load works

• Advanced technology, a much greater bridge weight than an equivalent overhead crane

• Hook with latch which has a function of prevent the goods from falling down

• Environmentally friendly, voltage lower protection function and reduce energy consumption

• Sub-assembly characteristics are tested beforebassembly gives safety-promise to customers

• Main lifting motor with thermal protection provides a high-efficiency to the crane

• High-quality motor, reducer and electric component are all come from well-known brand

• Flexible support legs could be disassembled as several pieces for convenient transportation

• More energy conservation and electricity save comparing with the overhead crane system

Capacity                                                3Ton-20Ton
Span                                                      12m-30m
Standard  Lift                                        6 m
Use                                                        Lifting Up/Down, Traversing Left/Right
Drive Mode                                          Motor
Work Duty                                             A3~A5
Duty Group                                          Class C or D
Moving  Mode:                                   Wheel
Working Temperature                       -20--+40 centigrade
Sling Type                                           Wire rope
After sales-services                         yes
Operation                                           Remote or pendant control on the ground, or driver's  cabin control (open or close)
Color                                                   According to your specific demands
Power Supply                                     220v-700v, 50/60 Hz, 3 phase, single or dual voltage
Control Voltage                                 24v, 36v, 42v, 48v, 110v
H.S. Code                                           8426193000


 Single Girder Gantry Cranes are used for material handling  (loading, unloading or grabbing materials) processes in small production units  and operated on floor mounted rails. The head room of single girder gantry  cranes is normal or low and these can be fitted in different floor areas. Single  girder gantry cranes are fitted with crane duty motors and are suitable &  compatible for frequent starting, reversing and braking.

 Our single girder gantry cranes designed by qualified engineers and manufactured by  qualified boilermakers, electricians and fitters. What’s more, we can design  according to your requirement, also can supply you the technology to weld the  girder in your country. Single girder gantry cranes consist of main girder, a  two legged A-frame support, possible cantilevers, bottom end beams, electric  hoist and electric control. The cranes are modular design and have the  advantages of easy installation and maintenance with reliable operation, fuse  less circuitry, ducted wiring and compact terminals. Ram hoist can design and  fabricate all types and sizes of gantry cranes as we know the rated load,  crane’s span and lifting height, like full gantry cranes, semi-gantry cranes  and portable gantry cranes, including, single girder, double girder, single  leg, double leg, and cantilever styles for indoor or outdoor service.

 Single Girder Gantry Cranes are self propelled cranes running on rails and traveling  along the rails installed at ground level or set into the floor, they are  rail-operated or track travelling small and medium-sized lifting equipment, the  utility model is an ideal choice for indoor and outdoor lifting  operations. They also can be used together with other lifting appliance  for special purpose. 

 Referred to as portal cranes, gantry cranes are so named because they are constructed on  top of a gantry – a structure designed to support a bridge. Different from  overhead cranes, which don’t have supporting legs, sing girder gantry cranes  are outfitted with supporting legs and don’t need support from the building  structure or other steel supporting columns. The gantry cranes used for  workshop material handling can be portable, mobile, or stationary, which means  there are workshop portable  gantry crane and fixed gantry crane. As  portable gantry cranes, they can be produced with steel or aluminum or with  both of them, and they can move freely within the working area during the  operations to lift and move materials.

 According  to different situations, single girder gantry cranes have three types: MH  single girder gantry crane, truss type single girder gantry crane, L single  girder gantry crane. The differences of these three types are explained in the  back in details.

 Single  girder gantry cranes with the runway located on the floor can be used where the  overhead crane or bridge is not practical or isn’t installed; overhead runways  structure are unavailable, columns cannot be accommodated in open areas,  existing factory structure cannot bear the wheel loads of the overhead crane;  or loads needs to be handled outside the crane span and when the relocation of  the crane is required after the work at a certain site is completed.

 Single girder gantry cranes are widely used to indoors and outdoors with application  such as open ground, warehouse, workshop, steel plants, engineering industry, cable industry, granite industry, cement pipe industry, cement plants, highway,  ports, container depots, pulp & paper, bulk storage areas, open yard,  shipyards, precast yards, rail yards, mining maintenance, hydroelectric power  station, bridge construction, infrastructure. It is also a ideal choice for use in a rented factory or in multiple work place.
 Single girder gantry cranes also  called single girder door cranes, goliath cranes, single beam gantry cranes,  single girder electric gantry cranes, single girder electric hoist gantry cranes,  single girder electric hoist gantry cranes, single beam electric hoist gantry  cranes, long traveling single girder gantry cranes, rail mounted single girder  gantry cranes, single girder mechanical gantry cranes, portal cranes, electric hoist hanging type gantry cranes, Single girder semi gantry crane, Single girder travelling gantry crane, overhead gantry crane, small gantry crane, adjustable gantry crane, mobile gantry crane, rubber tyred gantry crane, rail mounted gantry crane, harbor freight gantry crane.


Detailed Description

1. Main girder | Main beam | King post
           The top main girder is mounted on two A shape columns which are further resting on  wheel mounted end carriages, the main girder and end beams are connected with  the high strength bolt of 10.9 grade. It is made of steel and the steel plate's  built-up beam with Q235B or Q345B high-quality carbon steel which improves the  carrying capacity. The primer and finishing painting are normal yellow or  customized colour. Besides, the average thickness is about 100 microns.   
           Main girder  and below support leg have two types: box-shape or truss-shape
           Box-shape crane: Single girder gantry crane with box is widely used with standard CD MD  Electric Hoist as the lifting mechanism, and the electric hoist traversing  along the lower flange of the I-Steel of the main girder, which is made up of  high quality steel plates such as C-steel and I-steel. It is a medium-size  crane which travels in track, with the advantages of compact structure, good  rigidity, strong lifting capacity and slim body.
           For European type, the main beam uses square structure. Compared with the  traditional I-beam welded beam, it is with higher strength, electric hoist on  it run more stable.
         Truss-shape  crane: truss single girder gantry crane are different from the box type crane,  The truss single girder gantry is made of steel bars, while Box-shape is made  of steel plates. The structure of single girder gantry crane with steel  truss is cheaper and much lighter than box-crane. When the building is inadequate  to support a bridge crane, truss is almost the best solution, with advantage of  small windward side and high wind resistance, light dead weight, low cost and  nice appearance


2. A-frame support | Support legs
         A-frame support structure with a girder mounted on top on which an electric hoist is  mounted. It moves along a fixed line, which means that any hoisted or  transported cargo or products must be brought under the crane’s ‘operating  area’, a space in which the crane can operate back and forth, left and right. It  is made up of Q235/Q345 carbon structural steel, and it is the strong box type  with two coats of paint.


3. Cantilevers (With/Without)
         A  projection structure at one end or two end which is used for transporting a  load beyond the gantry support structure and meets the requirement of loading  and unloading on side area. Single girder gantry cranes’ custom-engineered  lifting solutions can be designed with two side cantilever, one side cantilever  or no cantilever.


4. End Carriages | Bottom end beams | Ground beams
         Line boring  one piece end carriages made of Q235/Q345 carbon structural steel and with  Nanjing brand motor are to ensure precise alignment and smooth travelling  motions, along with above three items, they are made up of gantry frame.


Vacuum casting wheel, inter medium quenching by top technique machinery


5. Electric hoist | crab+trolley
           Strong  crab+trolley to lift, move, transport heavy loads (materials), they are lifting  mechanism and traveling mechanism, normally CD/MD type or European type  electric hoist are used, for European type. Limit distance from hook to both  sides is short but has large working arrange. With lower height above the rail,  it makes full use of space of factory building.
           Its main  components are as follows:
           1). Motor
           Special for  crane use, it is made by the best factory in china--Nanjing Special Motor  Factory for CD/MD wire rope hoist or imported from Germany for European type  wire rope hoist.
           2).  Overload protection device
           If the  material is over the capacity, the crane will give a sharp warning for  protection itself. Overload protection provided to help in preventing the  condition of overloading.
           3). Limit  switches
           To prevent  over hoisting and over lowering of hook.
           4). Buffer
           High  quality long-time bearing polyurethane materials buffer.   
           5). Control
           Room  control or remote control to avoid any injure to the operation staff.
           6). Voltage  lower protection
           Voltage  lower protection function to adopt the cases that without stable voltage  supply.
           7).  Emergency stop system
           If the  operation staff encounter some emergency situations, we could start the  emergency brake system to protect our operator and equipment.
           8). Current  overload protection system
           It is also  called Circuit self-test protection device,protecting the current lacking of  any phase.
         9). Phase  sequence protection function

6. Power supply systems
             Cable reel  or conductor rail power supply systems [cable drum type or line sliding  contacting type (bus-base)] and electrical control box

7. Bottom flanges
             Full  penetration sub-arc welded bottom flanges for the ultimate in strength and  fatigue resistance.

8. Optional

  1. Electronic Control and Recording Status of  the Hoist and Crane

  2. Anti-Collision ultrasonic Sensor

  3. Anti-Sway System

  4. Load Display Indicator

  5. Twin Hoists on Same Crane

  6. Joystick Wireless Remote Control

  7. Energy Chain

  8. Storm Lock

  9. Girder Mounted flood Lights

  10. ESR System(Extended Speed Range System)

  11. ASR System(Adapted Speed Range System)

  12. Windproof and rainproof devices

  13. Onboard maintenance platform

  14. Audio-Visual Signalling Devices

  15. Rail Sweeps


      Electric hoist and crane parts will be packed  by plywood crate, main girder packed by water-proof cloth.


     Remote  control = radio control = ground wireless remote control
     Pendant  control = ground cable handle
     Driver's  cabin control = cabin control = cab control = room Control
     Remote  control and pendant control belong to ground control, driver's cabin control  also called room control, we can  mix the two control model together with use.

3.Factors  to consider when selecting your crane

  1. Capacity/rated load (tonnes)

  2. Span (the clear distance between your  building columns) with cantilever or not? (m)

  3. Height of Lift (hook center to ground) (m)

  4. Have you installed the rails? Do you need us supply  the rails? How long is it?

  5. Power supply: voltage

  6. Working condition: which material to lift?  Temperature?

  7. Would be better if you have drawings of your  plant

4.Use and Maintenance

  1. Test: Under no-load conditions and power,  start the operation mechanism control system and check whethere safety devices  are sensitive and accurate, adjust to secure before use.

  2. Shall not exceed the rated capacity and not  be pulled oblique hanging crooked

  3. User should be regularly checked whether all  parts of the crane abnormal

  4. Lubrication: lifting equipment lubrication  will directly affect the normal operation of the crane and the production  process, to prolong life and promote safe production parts, Lubrication is a  must.

  5. Flammable, explosive,  corrosive gas and blend deleterious article  are forbidden in the workplace.

5. High quality enamel paint with optional 2-pak or client specific systems.
     Overseas installation, commissioning and training services is available; technical  advisory for any time.
     Internal or  external bracing.
     Industry  leading Hyperspeed and i-Glide technology optional across the entire  range.

6.Single vs Double Girder Gantry Cranes
     When choosing which option to have installed in your factory or on your worksite,  it’s important to do some research into which option – the single girder or  double girder gantry cranes – are best suited to accommodate your requirements.  The single girder option has a single beam across the top and is best suited to  relatively lighter loads up to 20 tonnes on tasks that don’t usually last  longer than a few hours. However, if you’re looking to lift, transport or hoist  significantly larger loads up to 100 tonnes at a time, then the double girder  gantry crane is better suited to your needs. Supported by two beams, the  enhanced strength and stability of the double girder cranes enable it to be  used for tasks lasting eight hours or longer.

Single girder gantry crane has full  gantry crane and Semi gantry crane, which are as follows:
1. Full gantry crane

A (MH) Type Single Girder Gantry Crane

It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and with strong box type, which can be designed with two side cantilever, one side cantilever or no cantilever. The surface of facing wind is very small because of its steel-piping leg. The crane equipped with steel wire rope hoist, hoist traversing under the main girder

           image016.jpg Single  girder, Double leg


② Truss Type Single Girder Gantry Crane
             Crane main  girder and support leg are both truss type and can bear strong wind pressure  and is applied where the speed of wind is high (since the main beam and support  leg of Truss-type gantry crane is hollow, they are more stronger to stand up to  wind). It can be designed with full truss type or main girder with truss type, and  it is more suitable for open area. The crane equipped with steel wire rope  hoist, hoist traversing under the main girder.


③ L Type Single Girder Gantry Crane
           Crane leg  is ‘L’ type, the obvious feature of L type single leg is welding structure in  order to increases the work space which makes the crane more convenient for  handling cargo with long length. The frame adopts box-type welding mechanism,  which is more convenience for large size goods from middle position move to  cantilever without any dimensional limit of support leg. The crane can equipped  with bridge, L type support leg, crane travelling organ, trolley, electric equipment. Power  supply can be two forms: cable car and cable reel.


2. Semi-gantry gantry crane | light duty single girder  semi gantry crane | Workshop single girder semi gantry crane
           Semi-gantry  crane (single girder, single leg) is a small or middle scale gantry crane with  one side of crane girder supported by one unilateral leg (on one side column)  which can travel on the ground track (rail), and the other side supported on  the bracket track, which could save cost and space of the factory. In other  words, semi gantry  crane only has supporting legs on one side of the crane and the other  side needs the support from the workplace building structure support, while  full gantry crane has supporting legs on both sides of the crane, this semi  gantry crane can also be designed with or without cantilever.
         With one  leg moving on the floor rails, the other end running on the runway beam, this  is a very suitable design for very wide factory space where owner requires 2  operational bays without having the need to incur a high cost to build  continuous runway beam and columns in the centre of the factory.  
           Semi gantry  crane is a regular crane similar to full gantry crane but with lower price than  gantry crane and more adaptable for the workshops without enough space to apply  the full gantry cranes. They can minimum the cost and take full advantage of  the existing building construction and are widely used at open ground such as  engineering industry, ports, granite industry, steel yards, cement pipe  industry, open yard, storages places, container depots and shipyards.



Technical info



Lifting    Capacity (t)
Operational Method
Pendant push button    control, cabin control or remote control
Speed (m/min)
8 ,8/0.8
Cross    Travelling
Crane    Travelling
Motor (type /kw)
ZD141-4/7.5    ZDS10.8/4.5
ZD151-4/13    ZDS11.5/4.5
Cross    Travelling
Crane    Travelling
Electric    Hoist
Lifting Height (m)
6,9,12 or other height
Working    Duty
Power Supply
380V 50HZ 3phase AC
Span    (m)
Working Temperature
According to your demand,    but not more than 1/3 of span
Steel Track    Recommended (Kg/m)


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