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Vacuum Glass Lifters with safety protection systems are designed as one kind of flexible lifting equipments mainly used for heavy industries, which aimed at coping with a variety of handling difficulties for you, from product design, installation, debugging and so on. Vacuum Glass Lifter safety is very import and operator must have Vacuum Glass Lifter training before working.


• Lifting, tilting and extension controlled by manual mechanism valve sensibly with hydraulic ram

• Rotation and side turning controlled by a spring lock for positioning by manual

• Rear wheels driven with DC motor worked as driven unit as well as for turning

• Automatically moving, speed controlled by manual roller sensibly

• Non-return valve mounted safe tanks designed independently ensure a long keeping time

• Digital vacuum switches control the lifters’ starting and stopping points for power save

• Process reliability and work safety because of the vacuum automatic compensation system

• Including vacuum pneumatic motion system, gripping system and safety protection system

• Vacuum systems consist of vacuum generating parts, vacuum pressure  switches and so on

• 90 degree tilting, 360 degree rotation, suitable for large scale glass processing

• Formulated parts guarantee safe transportation at low and high temperature

• Can be assembled to various types of equipments to adapt to different sizes of glass

• 12  months warranty granted on our top-than-ever commitment to customers

• Tested by professional welders and engineers for safety and security

• Decent price with competition under the high quality and on-time  delivery with great package

• Unique technicians adopted and colours can be customized to meet customers’ requirements

• About 20 Hours maximum working period and a lot of labour can be saved

Max. Load                                                            300kg-2000kg
Charge power supply                                         AC110~220V 50~60Hz         
Voltage                                                                 DC24V
Moving speed without load                              4km/h
Moving speed with full load                             3km/h      
Lifting speed with full load                               13mm/s
Lifting speed without load                                18mm/s
Decline speed with full load                             19mm/s
Decline speed without load                              5%
Climbing capacity without load                         19mm/s
Vacuum circle                                                      2
Rotating                                                               by manual, hydraulic pressure
Suction pads number                                         4, 6, 8, 12, 16, 24
Drive mode                                                          front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive
Tire size                                                                290mm, 300mm, 400mm
Wheelbase                                                          1120mm~2375mm
HS  code                                                              8428909090 


           Vacuum Glass Lifters with safety protection systems are designed as one kind of flexible lifting equipments mainly used for heavy industries, which aimed at coping with a variety of handling difficulties for you, from product design, installation, debugging and so on. Also can these lifters provide customers with a series of  services and bring new product concepts for them. Vacuum glass lifters have the advantage of working for any kind of  lifting task that has to be finished in some limited time owing to their easy  operation, unique technologyand great flexibility, while  other common lifters cannot lessen labor and increase  productivity by a  huge margin. Besides, vacuum glass lifters are suitable for  different working conditions and different glass types.

           The device is suitable for the battery pack. Its active function helps people to transport glass, with easy unloading glass and indoor glass installation. Vacuum glass lifters are equipped with an electric volt  switch alarm, which can display the voltage in the battery, so that the workers have the chance to pay attention to the battery in time and avoid the misoperation of power cut, glass falling off and so on. Also, we have the  European Union, the CE standard. In the 10 years' learning team, according to their rich experience, they can make different equipment according to the  actual situation to meet the needs of customers.

           For vacuum glass lifters, once the glass is sucked out, the  system is in the air tight state. The only entrance to the air is to destroy the vacuum state of the system when the vacuum generator reflux occurs. Therefore, the lifter is equipped with a safety check valve, because the air check valve can only be extracted from the internal system rather than return. Through it, enough vacuum can be ensured to keep the absorption at the time of power loss, you don’t need to worry about leakage and insufficient vacuum. Moreover, vacuum glass lifters are equipped with pressure sensors and vacuum compensation systems. When the vacuum is insufficient, the system automatically  detects and restores the operation to maintain enough vacuum.

           Vacuum  glass lifters are also called glass lifting machines, Vacuum Glass Lifter machine, glass handing machines, electric vacuum lifters, vacuum material handing suction cups, electric vacuum glass holders, glass suction lifters, glass suckers, glass vacuum sucker lifters, vacuum air lifters, liters for sucking glass, vacuum glass handing lifters,  electricity battery vacuum glass lifters, manual glass vacuum lifters,  transfer moving lifters, glass installation machines, heavy duty vacuum cup lifter, vacuum marble lifters, glass handings, vacuum cup glass suckers, glass  suction pads, suction cup lifters, dent pullers, power driven vacuum glass handing lifters, glass suction cups, carton lifters, glass tube vacuun lifters,  glass transport vacuum lifters, vacuum lifter for glass sheet, electric vacuum glass lifter, mobile vacuum glass lifter, vacuboy lifters and  so on.

         Vacuum glass lifters are widely applied for gripping, lifting, moving, handing and placing materials in the glass production and processing  line, chemical industry, machinery manufacturing, medicine, food industry, and some situations where other  types of lifters would fail, particularly  through heavy industries,  including glass packaging, installation and transportation. With powered 90°tilting and  360°rotation, lifters are suitable for big-sized glass handling  in workshop and heavy-duty installation outdoors. They are also ideal vacuum glass equipments for lifting and handling marble, plastic boards,  metal sheets, coated boards and other plates. RAMHOIST are one of the most professional Vacuum Glass Lifters suppliers in china for new but not Used Vacuum Glass Lifters, Please contact us directly for Vacuum Glass Lifter price, Vacuum Glass Lifter rental, Vacuum Glass Lifter hire, glass vacuum lifter risk assessment. Manual vacuum glass lifter is also available.

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Detailed Description

1.Spring lock
           The device has a manual rotation of 180 degrees, a  lock hole at every 90 degrees, and a manual turnover of 90 degrees, which can turn the equipment to the vertical state.


2.Vacuum  pump
           Vacuum  pump is a device that uses mechanical, physical, chemical or physical chemistry  to extract vacuum from the suction container. Generally speaking, vacuum pump  is a device to improve, generate and maintain vacuum in a closed space by  various means. Vertical structure of the intake and exhaust port level makes it more convenient to assemble and connect the pipelines.


3.Digital vacuum switch
         The  vacuum switch is a kind of switch that detects the vacuum range and also known  as the vacuum relay. The function is that when the vacuum degree produced in  the actual work reaches the required requirements, the control circuit is  automatically opened and closed, the electrical signal is issued, and the  normal action of the vacuum adsorption mechanism is ordered. To detect the  vacuum level, the switch control the vacuum’s starting and stopping points for  power save.


4.Hydraulic ram
           A  hydraulic ram is an executive element that transforms hydraulic energy into  mechanical energy and performs linear reciprocating motion. It is basically  composed of ram and ram cover, piston and piston rod, sealing device, buffer  device and exhaust device. Besides, it is simple in structure and reliable in  work. When it is used to carry out the reciprocating movement, the decelerator  can be avoided, and there is no drive clearance and smooth movement, so it is  widely used in various mechanical hydraulic systems. The output force of the  hydraulic ram is proportional to the effective area of the piston and the  pressure difference between the two sides.


5.Suction pad
           A  variety of suction pads made of sucker can be operated at high temperature. The  pad made from silicone rubber is very suitable for grasping the rough surface.  What’s more, the pad made of polyurethane is very durable. It is widely used in  various vacuum suction equipment, such as in the building, paper industry and  printing, glass and other industries, to carry out and carry thin and light  items such as glass and paper.


6.Brush-less  motor
           The  brush-less motor is composed of main motor and actuator, which is a typical  electromechanical integration product. Because the brush-less motor is operated  by self control, it will not add the starting winding to the rotor like the  synchronous motor which is reloaded under the variable frequency speed control,  and will not produce oscillation and loss of step when the load is abrupt. The  permanent magnet of brush-less motor with small and medium capacity now uses  rare earth Nd-Fe-B material with high magnetic energy level.


①Flip function
           The maximum flip angle is 180 degrees, which can  achieve the installation requirements for the floor and ceiling. And the  maximum lifting height is 3500mm.


②Telescopic function
           The use of hydraulic rods, aimed at achieving  telescopic, helps to avoid obstacles or frame height when installing. And the  maximum expansion length is 650mm.


③Rotation function
           The manual rotating mechanism has a spring locating  pin, so as to realize the demand for interchange in the installation.


④Side twist function
           The manual twisting mechanism has a spring locating  pin, which enables a manipulator to pass narrow corridors and passageways under  load conditions.


           ①VGL (RM-GR) Smartlifter
           RM-GR a DC driven robot, all of which include walking,  drawing, lifting, stretching, turning and so on through the electronic control  button. RM-GR can not only install glass, stone on the site, but also can be  used for board transportation, feeding in the workshop and so on. RM-GR uses DC  power supply without cable. The connection is simple and convenient and the  moving parts are hydraulically operated and the vacuum part uses the dual  system principle to maximize the safety. In addition, RM-GR specially designs a  lateral adjusting mechanism to better realize the glass positioning during the  installation process. What’s more, the side torsional mechanism can easily pass  through a narrower pass. There are no obstacles to the installation of the road  and door in the room.


②BPD-RX  Battery Series
           BPD-RX is a light and  compact vacuum glass lifter which is easier to operate, and has the advantage  of 12V battery drive, so there is no need for external power supply. The RX  product is suitable for the hollow sandwich glass with 5M length, according to  the size of the glass, adding the extension rod, or manually flipping 90  degrees, and manually rotating 360 degrees. In addition, it has digital  electronic pressure display and digital display battery equipped with vacuum  alarm and power breaking alarm device, which can advance warning of failure.  Also, pressure protection function extends emergency treatment time, ensuring  safer usage.

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③Glass-Boy  Battery Series
           Glass-Boy, the most  effortless and labor-saving device, is a newly improved glass lifting device  with turning and rotating functions, which is a few times more efficient than  some other power-grip equipments. The basic structure is small and light, and  the fuselage is equipped with a large suction cup that can be replaced on the  lip of the sucker. It has a lower maintenance cost and is equipped with a  special cart. What’s more, it can be put in a towing box and moved to the  required position when it is not working.

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④BPD-RI Battery Series
           BPD-RI is a battery powered glass vacuum suction hoist designed for small glasses, which is suitable  for indoor and outdoor activities. It is light and flexible and it especially applies for the installation and decoration of windows,  such as doors and windows within 3.5 meters long, and less than 1.5 meters  wide.


⑤BPD-RH Battery Series
         BPD-RH is designed to meet  the installation and handling of larger and longer size glass. Its biggest  feature is flexible product structure. It has beam structure and sucker  distribution according to different glass sizes, and also can design  dismountable lengthening part so as to facilitate the common use of large and  small glass. And the maximum weight of the load is up to 2 tons.


⑥EPD-ET  Electric Series
           EPD-ET  is an electric flipping type which is specially designed for the glass  production and processing of medium and large glass curtain wall units. The  device is equipped with electric flip function and electric button control,  suitable for packing of indoor glass curtain wall products and making line  processing lines on the glass production line in the box, which saves labor and  protects glass well instead of being damaged.


⑦EPD-VEB  Electric Series
           EPD-VEB  is an electric turnover type designed for outdoor installation of large and  medium glass curtain walls, and the equipment has the function of electric  turning and rotation. The device is equipped with power failure and vacuum  alarm. It is safer to use and control in remote areas. It is suitable for the  installation of high-rise outdoor glass curtain wall as well.


⑧FVT Series  Glass vans
           Taking  forklifts’ features of moving, rising and falling into consideration, We  develop a combination of vacuum hoist and forklift, which solves the difficult  problem of hanging and moving in glass indoor installation and low layer  installation. The product has realized the movement, the lifting and the grab  as one, and can turn and rotate the glass. Besides, it can install the weapon  for the low glass. It can walk for full electric control, hydraulic lift and turn,  and can easily rotate the glass. The absorption part is also driven by the  battery, without the external power supply.

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⑨Customized  machine
           The  installation of glazing machine can be designed according to requirements of  customers.
           a.Spider-crane  used for 500kg installation


           b.2500kg glass glazing with heavy loader  truck

image049.png          image051.png

          c.Indoor installation case


          d.Outdoor  installation case

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           There is usually 12-month-warranty. Most of parts can be sold separately and we can provide some free part even if  these parts are broken in expired warranty period.
           The film wrapping is designed for packaging. As to the packaging size, it depends on the machine  you ordered.


5.Delivery time
           5 weeks after receipt of order

Main Specifications and components of Vacuum Glass Lifter Robot (VGL 600)

Updated data of Vacuum Glass Lifter Robot (VGL 600)

Technical info



Max. Load(kg)
Charge Power    Supply
Battery Spec
Moving Speed    without Load  (km/h)
Running Speed    with Full Load  (km/h)
Lifting Speed    with Full Load  (mm/s)
Lifting Speed    without Load   (mm/s)
Decline Speed    with Full Load  (mm/s)
Decline Speed    without Load
Climbing Capacity    without Load  (mm/s)
Suction Pads    Number
Vacuum Circle
Wireless    Proportional Remote Control
Drive Mode
Tire Size  (mm)
AC110~220V 50~60Hz
Hydraulic Pressure
Hydraulic Pressure
Rear-wheel    Drive 
Hydraulic Pressure
Hydraulic Pressure
Front-wheel Drive
Front-wheel Drive


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