Mini Construction Cranes

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Mini construction cranes are very portable and fast lifting equipment for user to operate, which are equipped with 360 degree rotation handle to solve the problems of the rope twisting and difficulty in rotation during the work. This mini crane is not a mini tower crane with fixed foundation but a portable mini crane for construction.


• Safe, reliable, easy to carry, install and operate with small in size and light in weight

• Compact structure with wide application, fast lifting and exquisite design

• Quite convenient for twisting work with 360 degree rotation

• With the automatic positioning device to improve security for operation

• High efficiency with the clutch to win the lifting and rotating speed

• Long life span, more powerful with the changeable winching part

• Take up minimum space for storage with small footprint

• High quality material gears provide higher intensity and ductility

• Steady operation which needs light hand pull force and low energy

• Adopt unique quadrangle physical form and firm, durable for welding

• Hard and firm due to the solid knitting wire ropes

• Removable with high strength, strong stability and durability

• Electric block power is big with long working hours and excellent performance

• Equipped with two phase, three-phase electric hoist and other mini electric hoists

• Adopt the newest design to adapt to different complicated working atmosphere

• Apply with the electrostatic spray kind and superior technology with fine workmanship

Capacity                                                   0.1Ton-1Ton (pls contact us if you need 1.5T)
Max rotation angle                                  360°
Power supply                                          380V, 50Hz, 3Phase/220V
Color                                                        Blue, red or as request
Condition                                                 New          
Rotary arm ways                                     Manual cantilever
Surface treatment                                   Welding
Warranty                                                  1 year
Material                                                    National standard seam steel
Usage                                                       Lifting material
Control                                                     Method
Power source                                          Electric
Cover material                                         Electrostatic spraying
Wire  type                                                 Steel wire rope
Application                                              Construction
HS code                                                    84253190
Certification                                             ISO CE
Package                                                   Wooden case, carton box for engine, nylon plastic for other parts


           Mini construction cranes are very portable and fast lifting equipment for user to operate, which are equipped with 360 degree rotation handle to solve the problems of the rope twisting and difficulty in rotation during the work. There is no doubt that mini construction cranes greatly save manpower and improve the lifting efficiency, especially be suitable for areas with small windows. The nature difference that mini construction cranes distinguished with other portable lifting machines is that they avoid the problem of too short distance of the rotation arm out the window.

           Mini construction cranes have quite great safety cause their multi protection systems such as weight overload protection, current overload protection, voltage lower protection and automatic positioning device which can effectively prevent the left-right moving of the rotation arm to make it much safer. Besides, the power units are optional, which are available with diesel  engine, petrol engine or electric motor. According to the requirements of different customers, we have developed several kinds of mini construction cranes for you as reference.

           Mini construction cranes can be used in areas with small windows which changes the drawbacks of previous lifting machine that cannot be used in a small window and narrow space. Besides, they avoid the problem of too short distance of the rotation arm out the window, this advantage and difference that other portable lifting machines do not have.

           Mini construction cranes can lift quickly, they can even lift the load 1m within 4s and due to the handle clutch device with the 220v electricity, it realizes quickly devolved and improves the work efficiency by winning the fast speed when falling down. The best advantage of mini construction cranes is that the winching part changes the disadvantage of the short lifespan of the turbine reducer to make the electromagnetic braking motor much more powerful. What’s more the connection way of the rotation arm and round standing  column is easy installation and dis-assembly that the rotation arm is set on  the round column directly. Also, force cooling fan is equipped on both motor sides so that motor duty cycle time can effectively extended.

           Mini construction cranes, as portable lifting machines, are widely applied for roof waterproofing, concrete pouring in factories, mines, docks, small machinery equipment manufacturing, electronics, decoration company, lifting and installation company, moving company, factory workshops, repair departments, storage warehouses, automobile, shipbuilding, docks, ingredients and basket, modern production lines and other construction sites, they are also very suitable for high  and narrow work-site situations and multi industries, even for home use and  huge DIY jobs for some people.

           Mini construction cranes are also called mini monkey cranes, mini cranes, mini lifts, electric mini lifts, small lifting cranes, mini portable mobile manual jib cranes, portable shop cranes, davit cranes, small mobile cranes hoists, Small portable crane, portable outdoor electric hoist cranes, rotatable flexible truck lifting small cranes, car mounted mini cranes, mini hoists or hoisters, outdoor mini cranes, portable floor cranes, lifting tool mini cranes with hoist, portable, lifting cranes, outdoor 360 degree rotation cranes, flat land mini floor electric cranes, small mini crane for building construction, mini crane machine for construction, truck mounted cranes and small jib cranes.

Mini Construction Crane China Supplier1-1.jpg

Detailed Description

1. Motor base
         It can be paired with multiple motors and the nut is fixed all around very firmly. It adopts pure copper core and the cooling effect is good and durable. The more power the motor is, the more efficient it is. Motor shell adopts aluminum material, by the time of keeping shell strengthen ability, which is a good material to heat dissipation and keep shell strengthen ability. Geared motor and rope drum form are as integrity, and can be easily assembled。

Mini Construction Crane China Supplier1-2.jpg

Mini Construction Crane China Supplier1-3.jpg

2. Pulley
         The front arm pulleys are embedded with two bearings, which are flexible and provides the long life service life. And the safety is improved with a stop rope bolt. Lifting speed can be doubled or stay normal by detaching or adding pulley.

Mini Construction Crane China Supplier1-4.jpg

Mini Construction Crane China Supplier1-5.jpg

3. Double bearing
         The main shaft of the frame is solid round steel. Through using the upper and lower cone pressure bearing, it can rotate flexibly.

Mini Construction Crane China Supplier1-6.jpg

4. Electric Hoist|Electric windlassElectric Winch
          The power winching part changes the disadvantages of short service life of the turbine reducer and makes the electromagnetic braking motor more safe and powerful.

Mini Construction Crane China Supplier1-7.jpg

Electric windlass.jpg

5. Flange plates
           The flange plates are thickened.

Mini Construction Crane China Supplier1-8.jpg

6. Rotation
           Mini construction cranes could be rotated 360 degree which changes the conditions of the rope twisting and rotation difficult during working.

Mini Construction Crane China Supplier1-9.jpg

Mini Construction Crane China Supplier1-10.jpg

7. Barrel
          It dopts double barrels.

Mini Construction Crane China Supplier1-11.jpg

8. Rocker arm
            Rocker arm has the special design which can be adjusted limberly and there are 3 holes for bolts to fix and connect with other parts. The rotation arm is equipped with automatic positioning equipment, which effectively prevents the rotation arm around shaking.

Mini Construction Crane China Supplier1-12.jpg

9. Basechassisbase plate 
           The base is quite thickened and solid due to the seamless welding so that it can hold the heavy loads and are very reliable. You can add three circles of tubes and increase the force area. But pay attention to that steel pipe is not included in some products. Besides, the base can be paired with multiple motors and there are chassis fixing holes on it.

Mini Construction Crane China Supplier1-13.jpg

Mini Construction Crane China Supplier1-14.jpg

10. Column
          The round pillar column made of international standard steel tube is quite solid and safe to bear the upper parts.

Mini Construction Crane China Supplier1-15.jpg

11. Pipe
           It adopts heavy seamless steel pipe.

Mini Construction Crane China Supplier1-16.jpg

12.  Wheel
          The steel wheel design has good wear resistance.

Mini Construction Crane China Supplier1-17.jpg

Mini Construction Crane China Supplier1-18.jpg

13. Mainframe mounting seat
             Two screw eyes are electric winch and four long eyes are miniature electric hoists.

Mini Construction Crane China Supplier1-19.jpg

Mini Construction Crane China Supplier1-20.jpg

14. Hook
            Except for the single hook, it also can be double ropes use

Mini Construction Crane China Supplier1-21.jpg

15. Plug            
          Different plug for mini crane, pls choose the right one you will use before ordering

Different plug for mini crane.jpg

           1.  All the components consist of fixed pulley, hook, diagonal tie link, button case, support upright, fixing screw, bearing, lifting arm, wire rope, clutch, emergency braking, motor, quadrangle support, motor bottom case, axial fan, clutch pole, cross support beam, counter weight, fixing bolts and other parts.
           2.  Two types according to hooks

Mini Construction Crane China Supplier1-22.jpgMini Construction Crane China Supplier1-23.jpg

 Single hook use                                    Double hook use

usage of two falls (one rope) for mini crane.jpg

           3.  There are various types of winch such as drum brake with clutch, common with clutch, aluminum type, platen with clutch, medium speed type, rapid speed type and express speed type.
           4.  You have to place the power device near the window, assembly bracket part, and then plug it into the power device base hole, 5 minutes will be finished.
           5.  You only need one hour to learn how to operate this small machine. Unexpected by the manual operation, the crane will stop working by itself through the limit device and open the travel switch to make your lifting 100% safety.

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Size of Mini Construction Crane.jpg

Something must know:

1000KG electric hoist.jpg

500-1000KG electric hoist, (if in single rope, then it is 0.5t, if in double rope, then it is 1t)

500KG frame.jpg

500KG frame

Normally, for 500KG mini crane, it use 500-1000KG electric hoist + 500KG frame, Although it can lift 1000KG in double rope for electric hoist, but the frame can not stand, so it is only used in single rope.

1500KG electric hoist.jpg

750-1500KG electric hoist (if in single rope, then it is 0.75t, if in double rope, then it is 1.5t)

1000KG frame.jpg

1000KG frame

Normally, for 1000KG mini crane, it use 750-1500KG electric hoist + 1000KG frame, Although it can lift 1500KG in double rope for electric hoist, but the frame can only stand 1000KG, so when it is used in double rope, the lifting capacity is 1000KG, and when it is used in single rope, it is 750KG

However, we can make 1500kg frame or 2000kg frame to let the actual lifting weight 1500kg or 2000kg, price is much higer and weight is much heavier, only the 1500kg frame is about 320KG and 2000kg frame is about 400kg, it does not include the weight of electric hoist, it is very troublesome to carry from one place to another, if unnecessary, we suggest you use smaller capacity (≤ 1000kg) and lift more times, it is safer and more economic.

pls check the case in this link:

2000KG frame

Size of 2T Mini Construction Crane.jpg

Normally, for 2000KG mini crane, it use 1250-2500KG electric hoist + 2000KG frame, more details of 2000KG mini crane pls check:

There are 200KG, 400KG, 500KG, 800KG, 1000KG frame and other capacity electric hoist, the principle is same as above, if customer has high request for lifting capacity, they can make simple big frame by themselves and use our electric hoist only.

Except the 400KG frame can be dismantled and save space and money for transporting, other capacity of frame can not be dismantle and will take lots of space for transporting, so that's why some customers only buy electric hoist and make simple frame in their side.

Besides, you must know, with more lifting height, the lifting weight will gradually decrease, if more than 20m (6 stories), we suggest you use tower crane for safety purpose.

Default one is without counterweight pipes, you need to use 3 pieces of thick counterweight pipes to insert into the base, the longer, the better, This pipe is available on the construction site (the pipe for scaffolding). better to fix pipes with screws drilling on the ground, and press things on pipes or base (can be sandbags or lifting goods like tiles, bricks, cements etc)

Mini Construction Crane with different capacities-8.jpgMini Construction Crane with different capacities-7.jpg

Mini Construction Crane with different capacities-11.jpg

Working and Installation videos of 360 degree mini construction crane

Disassembled 400KG Frame of mini constuction crane (mini crane stand)

2 kinds of Mini Construction Cranes

Problem summary for Mini Construction Cranes

Sample order for mini crane, 100kg capacity, height 20m, 220v single phase

Sample order for mini crane 1T (2 rope)

Sample order for mini crane 750/1500KG

10 units of mini crane 750/1500KG for Malaysia

Different lifting weight in different lifting height for mini construction crane

Quotation for small crane ( fast 500kg ) [Mini Construction Crane]

Looking for Electric Hoist Mini Crane from Saudi Arabia

500kg Mini Construction Crane Enquiry from Singapore

If you need much faster speed, we sugget you use Mini construction crane with Gasoline powered or Diesel powered:

Mini crane for construction, gasoline operated to lift 300kg with double wire at lifting height about 15m

Detailed pictures of Mini crane for construction, gasoline operated

For lifting big capacity in high lifting height, such as 100m lifting height for lifting 1T, we need to use quay crane, Pls see Technical details of quay crane

Mini construction crane should be changed to Quay crane

Another mini crane with gasoline engine

Other kinds of crane

Interested in cranes (console crane, hoist crane) with workload 350/500/750 kg with lifting height 50/60/80/100m

Technical info

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Capacity             (T)
Lifting    Height              (m)
Weight            (Kg)
Working Time (h)
Wire Rope    Size        (mm)
Running    Speed         (m/min)
Motor Speed   (r/min)
Motor Power         (kw)
Voltage           (v)
Max Rotation
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